Posting Date: December 7, 2010

Meet Joseph Barbier: Grounded in art

By Brian Tucker

Joseph Barbier

Photo by Sarah Singleton

An intaglio print by Joseph Barbier

Joseph Barbier is a senior art major with concentrations in both photography and printmaking. He credits his background as a home educated student with allowing his imagination to grow, as well as instilling discipline in him. This combination of envisioning ideas and regulating them helps Joseph produce unique visual art.

Joseph offers several reasons for his love of art: “I enjoy art because it has the ability to demonstrate the underlying truths that reveal beauty and meaning in the world. I like that I get to explore a wide variety of subject matter, and that I can express my feelings and opinions on that subject matter through my art. Art can get past our normal defenses and help us to explore other ways of thinking about religion, politics, and other important issues."

Joseph, who is a recipient of the Robert and Cheryl Moultrie Endowed Arts Scholarship, cites this semester’s “Life Mask” project as one of his stand-out artworks. “The project resulted in both a video and a still version. The video is about coming to terms with the inevitability of death,” explains Joseph.

As for why he enjoys KSU, Joseph says, “I like the professors—they’ve been very challenging at times, but they’ve been extremely encouraging as well. There’s an interesting mix of structure and discipline, partnered with creative freedom, which has allowed me to flourish.”

Assistant Professor Matt Haffner, shares, “Joseph is a student who is always pushing the boundaries of his photography and who is constantly in search of concepts and ideas that will help further his work. He is an exceptional student who excels when given a challenge, and he is a student who is always in pursuit of higher learning.”

Joseph is quick to put things in perspective when considering his future plans. “After school, I hope to continue working in my church and building strong healthy relationships. My dream in life is someday to be a great husband, father and grandfather—loving the people around me.”


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