Meet Alissa Blaney: A Driven Artist

By Natalia H. Schust

Photo by Patrick Bowling

Alissa Blaney is a thriving senior majoring in art with a concentration in drawing and painting. Originally from Ohio, Alissa transferred to Kennesaw State to pursue a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. The recipient of the Thomson Salter-Salova King Art Scholarship last year, Alissa said she’s happy to have chosen Kennesaw State and smiled proudly when saying she will graduate with honors this May. “It’s been a great experience. The professors at KSU have a great connection with students.”

Associate Professor of Art Robert Sherer first met Alissa during fall semester of 2005 when she took his watercolor course. He explained that Alissa was already accomplished as an artist when she came to KSU. “Alissa possessed excellent skills and a wickedly wry sense of humor that became evident in her artwork and her conversation,” said Sherer.

Alissa said, “It’s a great sense of accomplishment for me to have been able to both successfully pursue my studies and do a lot of other activities as well.” Apart from the large list of exhibits she’s participated in, Alissa also maintains two Web sites. Her self-titled Web site at showcases her artwork, mostly oil paintings. The other Web site at contains a story about a girl and her faeries, and a surreal web comic entitled “I am your Shadow.”

Regarding her plans after graduation, Alissa explained that she’d like to be self-employed. Sherer said that when Alissa graduates she will be several steps ahead of many of her colleagues because she understands that a career doesn't begin on graduation day—it begins the second a student enters the university. “During her three years at KSU, she built a firm foundation on her résumé as an exhibiting artist in the Atlanta art scene,” said Sherer.


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