Meet Baxter Crane: An Artist and More
By Willena Moye

May graduate Baxter Crane enjoyed the time she not only spent in the KSU Department of Visual Arts, she also participated on the productions in the theatre department, and occasionally hung out in the Music Building, where she paid a fellow student to teach her trombone.

Baxter has grown as an artist along with the Visual Arts Department. She took her first art class the semester the Visual Arts Building opened.  “I like how intimate the art department still is. The teachers are really great because they hone in on your specialties and they try to help you get in shows. They are really great about keeping on top of you and getting you doing stuff all the time.” 

She’s been able to participate in Pangaea restaurant’s “Blur Show,” Pangaea’s “Itty Bitty Show,” Midcity Kitchen’s “Revenge of the Itty Bitty Show,” the Red Bull “Art of the Can” at Mason Murer Fine Art, the AIDS Survival Project’s “Art of Dining,” and her own solo show at

Fat Louie’s restaurant on Marietta Street in Atlanta, where recent KSU graduate Perry Bennett curates shows. All the mixed media works in her solo show reflected on man’s desire to fly—she was inspired by a book she checked out of the library called “Early Birdmen.”

Baxter is considering grad school, but may apply for a position in an animation studio. Whatever she ends up pursuing, she will continue to create art in the tiny little corner of her bedroom that she currently considers her studio space.

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