Meet Chris Considine: A Promising Graphic Designer

By Natalia H. Schust

Photo by Patrick Bowling

After taking a few classes at Kennesaw State, senior graphic design major Chris Considine says, “I fell in love with the KSU arts community.” The Savannah, Ga. native said, “Kennesaw State is just so different. The faculty and staff treat you on a personal level and are very kind and respectful. Classes are still small and teachers know students by name.” Chris also expressed his profound admiration toward his fellow students: “They’re all amazing artists. There is a very strong bond among all of us.”

Chris went to Montepulciano, Italy on a study abroad trip that was highly rewarding for him. Associate Professor of Art Joe Remillard has known Chris for over a year and was Chris’ professor during the Montepulciano trip. Remillard said that his student’s incredible creativity took off in Italy and became evident in the assignments he did. He added, “I was proud of how Chris represented the United States in Montepulciano.” For Chris’ future, Remillard expects that “he will be very successful because he is a talented designer with a very approachable personality.”

After his graduation, Chris plans to gather other fellow artists to work on graphic design projects as a team. In addition, he has plans to move to either New York or California. Wherever Chris goes, he will always have fond memories of his time as a graphic design student at Kennesaw State University and the times he shared with students and faculty.


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