Meet DJ Galbiati: A Sporty Artist

By Natalia H. Schust

DJ Galbiati has two loves: graphic design and basketball. Kennesaw State has helped her combine both. This senior majoring in graphic design says, “To me, KSU was the complete package compared to other schools I was looking at: the graphic design program, the basketball program and its location.” She received a full scholarship to play basketball at KSU and played for two years. Currently, she receives the Ty Cobb Educational Foundation Scholarship and the Fred D. Bentley, Sr. Scholarship, in addition to the HOPE Scholarship.

DJ says she loves being a Kennesaw State student because “the community is great, the art program is wonderful and the teachers here are so knowledgeable and always willing to help you be a better artist in whatever you do.”

Associate Professor of Art Carole Maugé-Lewis has taught DJ for the past year in her typography classes and has nothing but admiration for her student. Maugé-Lewis says, “I have seen DJ grow and develop in her creative thinking as well as the quality and craftsmanship of class assignments she produces. I have no doubt that she will do very well as a graphic designer.”

DJ continues to be involved in sports and will be doing an internship for the sports magazine Score this summer. After she graduates this fall she hopes to continue combining her interest in athletics and graphic design. “I’d like to find a job working with layouts, as I like it better than working with something from scratch.”

DJ will leave KSU with a memorable career as a basketball player and the education she always wished for.

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