Meet Marcy Starz: An Artist of the People
By Julie Senger

Marcy Starz always carries a sketchbook around with her. Only today, this soft-spoken artist has not a piece of paper or a pencil in sight. This could be the reason she toys with a bobby pin in her fingers, plunging it in and out of the holes in the outdoor picnic table at which she sits. She’d likely be much more comfortable answering questions with sketches rather than words.

Marcy has always wanted to be an artist. “I’ve been drawing for a long time, since I was little. My mom was a graphic designer; and she started me drawing just as soon as I could hold a pencil. I used to draw dogs all the time when I was a kid. I’d try to make up cartoons with them.” She chose Kennesaw State because she had heard great things about its art program and because it was close to home. Since enrolling at KSU, she has found her professors, such as Joseph Remillard in painting and Donald Robson in life drawing, to be encouraging and challenging, helping her to reach her goals.

In fact, several of Marcy’s drawings can be seen in KSU’s art building in a display of work that students produced while on a recent study abroad program in Montepulciano, Italy. Marcy received the Visual Arts Study Abroad Scholarship, which afforded her this travel opportunity. Though she admits to having no particular recurring theme in her work, many of the pieces she produced in Montepulciano are of friends lounging on Italian shores or closing their eyes on a train ride through the country. “I gravitate towards drawing people because they are easier to relate to than some inanimate object” Marcy says.

In addition to her study abroad scholarship, Marcy’s other accomplishments include having her work selected to be placed in the Walk Through Studios Exhibit last fall and being elected the co-president of Visions, a student art guild. She would like to use her Visions position to find additional opportunities on campus to help establish a student run art gallery on campus.

As for what she hopes her work conveys to others, “I would like for it to evoke some kind of emotion, but I think that the most important thing to me is that people feel like they can relate to my work.”

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