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Scan Slides

Scan Slides

Scanning services may be provided for faculty if the following criteria are followed:

  • slides are labeled with a description of its contents: (at least one of the following: title, media, creator, source, location, subject) or a separate document may be provided to identify the slide images
  • images are not already in the VARC image collection -or- image quality is superior to that of an existing image in the collection

No. of slides: Please keep slides together in a binder slide sleeve, slide box, or envelope.

High Res (8X10 Print) 3000X2400 pixels (depending on image proportions)
Low Res (Small Prints and Screen) 1600x1200 pixels (depending on image proportions)
Files will import into Word and Powerpoint documents at approximately 2” X 3” however you’ll be able to enlarge without losing quality. Please label slides or provide a list for easier file naming.

Save as:

Add to Image Database
Add to Image Database
The image database is being created to allow faculty and staff to instantly download images from a server. Images are found through keywords to allow you to find only the images you need. Please provide keyword suggestions or a resource to find information on the images you want VARC to include in the database. This database is to supplement the images that are already available through KSU’s subscription to and other image databases to which the KSU library holds subscriptions. If you would like more information on this database, please see Shane McDonald in the Visual Arts Resource Center.
Create PowerPoint Presentation
Create PowerPoint Presentation
No. of images:
The presentation images must be provided to VARC on flash drive, CD-ROM or DVD, or through Please include a text document which includes slide frame labels / descriptions if you would like that included in your presentation.
Photograph Artwork
Photograph Artwork
No. of works:
All photographic images are digital using a 5 megapixel camera. If you need contact prints of any images, please check that option below. Slides can be made from digital files at service bureaus such as E-6 on 10th St. Atlanta and Imagers off Northside Drive.
Scan Book Images
Scan Book Images (Approximate Number of Pages)
Please list page #’s and image figure #’s on sticky notes flagging the images needed.
Check “add to image database” above if you’d like these book images added.
(Copyright law prohibits reproduction of more than 10% of images from any media.)
Save Artwork on What Media Type

Save artwork images on (check):
Media I provide with order

Do you want us to use these images in the KSU visual arts web galleries?
Yes. VARC personnel will return a contact sheet of thumbnails for you to identify soon.
If your images are of your work or student works, you may select up to 20 images to be included in your KSU web gallery designed by Shane McDonald. These works must be identified by artist, medium, title (if available), and by course (if student work).

Make PDF from Scans of Book Pages

Make PDF from Book Page Scans (full pages are photographed or scanned)

Some pages may effectively be scanned and converted to editable text using OCR software resulting in editable text and much smaller file sizes. Do you want us to try this? Yes

Save Video Clips From DV tape on DVD for later editing
Save Video Clips from DV tape on DVD for later editing in iMovie or FinalCut Express
We have a Digital Video Tape player that will enable us to record your digital video to .dv files that you can later import into iMovie. Please provide us with one blank DVD for every 30 minutes of digital video.


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