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Our Story:

The Art Gallery at University Village, Kennesaw State
The student art gallery at the student village exhibits student artwork that is enjoyed by all.


Visions Student Art Guild is a registered student organization at Kennesaw State University. Visions was created in 1983 by Roberta Griffin and Patrick Taylor. The purpose of Visions was and still is to stimulate awareness in the visual arts among KSU students, faculty and staff.

Visions is the longest active student art organization on campus. Visions has transformed over the years and has recently increased its membership to an all time high of 337 members. Visions most notable event on campus, the Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition, is still going strong. In addition, Visions recent acquisition of the new student exhibition space at University Village Suites provides students the opportunity to show their artwork year round. The new student gallery has renewed students’ interest in the Guild and the need to be involved in student activities and volunteer opportunities while seeking their art degree.

2013 30th Annual Student Juried Exhibition

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Visons paper making workshop, 2009
Visions papermaking workshop, Fall, 2009.

The Visual Arts Chair, Joe Thomas and Assistant Professors, Natasha Lovelace Habers and Don Robson provide support to Visions officers. Kirstie Tepper of KSU Galleries and Michael Sanseviro, Director of Residence Life, assists Visions officers in coordinating student art exhibitions. Chris Dziejowski, Studio Technician/Coordinator, works with Visions to host art workshops.

The recent reworking of the Visions Mission Statement clarifies the purpose of our Student Art Guild:

Visions fosters meaningful social interaction among student members, KSU faculty and staff, and art supporters by sponsoring student art exhibitions and art related activities on and off campus. Visions promotes and inspires visual art while giving all students the opportunity to publicly show their work with the goal of advancing students’ public recognition and bolstering art careers.

Visions membership is open to all KSU students, not just art majors. So what do Visions members do?

Just join, its free!

Reasons to join...
• Trips
• Special Art Events
• Fun Art Activities
• Learn more about your career in a visual arts field

Postcard painting party in painting room of Kennesaw State University
Traffic Jam, Fall, 2010

Attend our fun events, activities, and workshops while socializing with fellow students, faculty and staff; and, try to volunteer a few hours per semester to help Visions make art visible and accessible to everyone on KSU’s campus and beyond.

Contact us! Email:

Student Officers:

Co-President: Holly Lacour
Co-President: Mersia Martin
Vice President: Leah Freeland


Associate Professor of Art, Don Robson

30th Annual Juried Exhibition

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Students Eligible

All students enrolled at least one semester at Kennesaw State University, Summer 2011 through Spring 2012.

Works Eligible

All entries must be original works of the entering artists and have been completed within the past two years. The work cannot have previously been exhibited in another Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. All mediums are accepted.

Artwork Requirements

All artwork must be clearly labeled with the tags provided on this prospectus. Cut out the tags and attach them with tape on the reverse or under side of the artwork. (Please do not tape tags on gilded frames. Tags may be taped to wire hanger.)
Artwork must not exceed 50 inches in any dimension.

Entry Fees

$10 for the first 3 artwork entries. $5 per additional entry.
Make checks payable to: Visions
More entry forms may be picked up in the Visual Resource Center (VA223) or the Visual Arts Department Office (VA202). The entry form can also be downloaded at

Application Rules

Both an entry form and identification tag(s) must be completed and signed by the artist. Each identification tag is to be taped in the upper left-hand corner of framed works. ALL WORKS MUST BE READY TO HANG with WIRE on the back.

Sale of Artwork

When pricing artwork for sale, please include a 30% contribution to support the Gallery Program at KSU.
By entry hereunder, entrant agrees that there shall be no liability on the part of the School of Art and Design, Kennesaw State University, VISIONS, for the loss or damage to the entrant’s work(s) from any cause while under the possession or control of these sponsors.

Framing / Presentation

  • 2-dimensional works must have wire hangers (no sawtooth or loop hangers).
  • Works on paper must be framed behind glass or plexiglass with a sturdy backing support and frame.
  • Canvases must have at least a 1” depth with no exposed staples or the canvas must be framed or neatly surrounded with wood-strip frame.
  • Jewelry and works smaller than 5” high must be protected by a box enclosure. Chosen jewelry may be presented together on fabric.
  • Ceramics and sculpture must be stable enough to stand on pedestals or the floor.
  • Sculpture should be constructed securely and be provided with a base if necessary.
  • Self-standing graphic works such as brochures or restaurant menus may be submitted and displayed on pedestals.
  • Digital Graphics, Flash Animation, Digital Multimedia, and 1-minute or less Short Films may be submitted on Mac-formatted CD or DVD as PDF, SWF or MOV files. Accepted works will be displayed on a Macintosh Screen Presentation.


Receipt of Entries

Entry forms must accompany works delivered to the Fine Arts Gallery (or if you use the online form, please print the Email and cut and attach the information that is sent to you in confirmation to your works):
Call for

Wed., Dec. 5, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Thurs., Dec. 6, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Fri., Dec. 7, 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Mon., Dec. 10, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Tues., Dec. 11, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Wed., Dec. 12, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

$10 submission fee for 3 works
($5 for each additional work)

$250 Chair’s Purchase Award!
Fine Arts Gallery
in the Joe Mack Wilson Building

Reception & Awards Ceremony:
Thurs. January 17, 2013, 5-8 p.m.



Cash awards will be made for First, Second, and Third places. Works in any medium are eligible for these three prizes.
A $250 Chair’s Purchase Award will be made for one work that will be purchased for the University’s campus collection. Please indicate on your entry form if you would like your work(s) to be eligible. The purchase price is $250 regardless of the listed price of the piece.


Thanks to the School of Art and Design, the Museum & Galleries Office, and Visions members for their collaborative efforts in putting this show together.

Questions? Call the KSU
Museum & Galleries Office: 770-499-3223



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