Visions Gallery

Current Events:

28th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition
in the Fine Arts Gallery of the
Joe Mack Wilson Building
Advanced Painting Exhibition

Upcoming Event:

Open Call for 2D Art
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Past Event:

27th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

View a slideshow of winning artworks from the 2010 Exhibition

Visions Gallery
at Village Suites

Spring, 2011

January - February 10
Advanced Painting Exhibition
featuring Professor Robson's Students

February 15 from
5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Open Call for 2D Art - Display your 2D work in the Visions Gallery!

Spring and Summer Semesters 2011 are available...

Visions Gallery at Village Suites


Visions Gallery at Village Suites is located at the top of the spiral staircase on the 2nd floor of the Village Suites Residence Hall at Kennesaw State University.

University Village Suites
3805 Canton Place, 2nd floor
Kennesaw GA 30144

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9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Saturday

Scale model of the Gallery

Visions Gallery at Village Suites

Thanks to Associate Professor of Art, Don Robson, for creating this model.

Download the scale model file (58Kb SKP file)

Download Google Sketch Up (links to Google's free download site)



Jan. 15 – Feb. 14: Advanced Painting Exhibition featuring Prof. Donald Robson's Students
Feb. 15 – Mar. 14: Open Call for Art—Display your work in the Visions Gallery!
Mar. 15 – Apr. 14: TBA
Apr. 15 – May 14: TBA


May 15 - June 14: TBA
June 15 - July 14: TBA
July 15 - Aug.14: TBA

FALL 2010

Aug. 15 - Sept. 14: TBA
Sept. 15 - Oct. 14: TBA
Oct. 15 - Nov. 14: TBA
Nov. 15 - Jan. 14: TBA


Visions Gallery Manager: April Marten, aprilmarten@bellsouth.net
Visions Gallery Coordinator: Mersia Gant, mersia_gant@yahoo.com
KSU Art Museum & Galleries: Kirstie Tepper, ktepper@kennesaw.edu


Step 1: Complete the Exhibition Agreement Form. Send the form and images of your work to ksuvisions@gmail.com

Visions at Village Suites Exhibition Agreement
(55Kb 2003-07 Word Document)
Visions at Village Suites Exhibition Agreement
(31Kb 2008 Word Document)
Visions at Village Suites Exhibition Agreement
(87Kb PDF Document)

Step 2: Secure your exhibition dates with April Marten.
Step 3: After you have secured your exhibition dates with April Marten, you will need to stay in contact with Melinda McPherson prior to your exhibit, during set-up, and when you take the show down. Melinda will guide you through the process. Each artist is ultimately responsible for hanging their own show and taking it down. We will provide you with all the tools and guidance you need to make your show great! We recommend you have either an opening or closing reception. Again, we will help you with the arrangements.

Additional Information:

Receptions should occur on a Thursday evening between 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. Our gallery is in a residence building and we are subject to their rules for entrance to the building. Residence Life Office holds the toolbox at University Village Suites.

Please contact Kirstie Tepper (ktepper@kennesaw.edu) if you need pedestals for 3D works. These must be reserved at least 2 weeks before your show and are subject to availability. Kirstie can also help you with labels for your work. We will publish the announcement of your show in the University newsletter and on our website. It is up to you post flyers on campus to announce your show to the public.


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