Visiting Artists

The KSU School of Art and Design provides its students with numerous opportunities to work with the finest artists through residency programs and guest artist visits.



Paul Moxon visits to discuss maintenence and repair of Letterpress

RSVP with Professor Valerie Dibble:


Paul Moxon, press expert


Mark Franchino, sculptor

Martha Jackson Jarvis, sculptor and ceramicist

James Gurney, painter and illustrator



Fahamu Pecou, painter

Amos Kennedy, printmaker

Susan A. Cipcic, conceptual artist



Paul Hugues, glass artist
Matt Janke, glass artist
Meredith Masser, glass artist
Tommy Spake, glass artist
Brook White, glass artist



Lorenzo Fiaschi, Director, Galleria Continua, Italy and China
Chad Glass, storyboard artist
Hou Hanru, writer and curator
Juan Logan, painter
Richard Wucich, potter



Fred Ajanogha, sculptor
Juan Logan, painter
Stephen Dean, contemporary French artist
Anne Deleporte, contemporary French artist
Patrick Martinez, contemporary French artist



Don Alejandro Castellote, Curator, Department for Promoting Fine Arts, Spain
Alyce Frank, painter



Zhen-Huan Lu, painter
Jeannie Cooper, painter
Donald Alan Wood, Chief Curator, Birmingham (Ala.) Museum of Art



Greg Carter, President, Southern Graphics Council
Bill Fisher, printmaker
Eliza Schulte Holliday, calligrapher
Wayne Kline, Tamarind master printer
David Landis, sculptor
Andrew Morgan, painter
Matthew Sugarman, printmaker



Faculty and members of the KSU Community can request visiting artists by completing, saving , and E-mailing our Visiting Artist Request Form. Please Email to Professor Valerie Dibble at

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