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Analytics & Site Improvement

Managing a Web site can be tricky task…particularly at a large university. Every day brings new complexities and changes to our Web environment. From outdated information to broken links to managing content by ever-changing traffic patterns, successfully maintaining a Web site can be a grueling task to even to the most seasoned IT professionals.

To help with the effectiveness and performance of your sites, the ESS WebGroup offers a handful of easy-to-use, browser-based management tools that can help Web authors with common issues from link management and accessibility, to understanding your site’s top pages, content, and traffic.

SiteImprove Quality Assurance
SiteImprove Quality Assurance turns lengthy and unmanageable tasks into quick and easy fixes for any Web manager. With features that include Accessibility Compliance, Broken Link Check, Spelling Mistakes, and a Comprehensive Resource Overview, SiteImprove Quality Assurance provides a weekly e-mail report that can help any Web author tune up their site without having to wade through the site page by page.

Urchin (Powered by Google Analytics)
Urchin is the enterprise-class web analytics solution, powered by the industry-leading Google Analytics, that gives Web authors rich insights into their Web site’s traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use features now let users see and analyze traffic data in an entirely new way. With Urchin, Web authors will be more prepared to strengthen their site’s content initiatives and create better end user experiences.

For information about setting up accounts in SiteImprove or Urchin, contact the ESS WebGroup today.