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Training & Workshops

We’ll be the first to acknowledge that today’s technology is moving at the speed of light. Constant changes not only make it hard for staff to keep up with the latest software programs and devices, but also in keeping pace with the expectations of our KSU Web users.

To assist our growing Web author community, the ESS WebGroup offers the following training and workshops for users of all skill levels.

Dreamweaver For Your Job
The course—offered through the Center for University Learning—covers all the basics to getting the job done. This three-day session focuses on account setup, file management, editing and styling of content, page formatting, metatags and form building.

This course—offered through the Center for University learning—can help you take your image editing to the next level. This course covers in-depth understanding of the basic Photoshop tools, working with layers, image masks, blending modes and layer effects.

The ESS WebGroup also provides individual and group workshops on a variety of Web-related topics, including search engine optimization; Web site planning and content organization; “future friendly” web development; and compliance and accessibility.

For information about Web site Training and Workshops, contact the ESS WebGroup today.