University Events




Should it be necessary to cancel a reservation, the original requester must cancel a reservation via email to University Events within two (2) business days, to ensure consistency of communication with the organization. Any university department that fails to honor a reservation without canceling two (2) business days in advance may have future use of facilities restricted.

Administrative Cancellations/Changes
In rare instances, confirmed reservations may be changed or cancelled if they are found to conflict with another function or academic need. University Event staff will work with the organization or department to provide alternative accommodations whenever possible.

Inclement Weather Cancellations
When the campus is closed due to inclement weather, your event will automatically be cancelled. Every effort will be made to re-schedule your event, but due to existing campus obligations, we may not be able to accommodate the re-schedule request. Due to the high demand for space, rain locations will not be available for events booked outdoors except for Presidential Events. Inclement weather notices for KSU can be found here.