University Events




All decorations and materials must follow Environmental Health and Safety regulations. University Events does not supply decorations to clients. If any damage occurs to surfaces and/or excessive cleaning is required, the client may be billed.

What you need to know:

  • Decorations must not block exits or fire safety equipment.
  • Keep lighting equipment (especially high intensity) and other heat sources away from decorations.
  • Only use materials that are Class "A" rated or UL listed for flame retardant in decorations, theatrical scenery.
  • Decorations should be removed immediately after the event.


  • Do not cover overhead pipes or sprinkler heads
  • Tape, Staples, Tacks, Nails, Pins and hooks
  • Glitter, confetti or water filled items
  • Decoration that may pose a fire hazard

For more decoration policies please see KSU Environmental, Health, and Safety Policies or contact EHS by phone at 770-499-3321.