University Events


Policies & Procedures

  • Alcohol



    Kennesaw State University expressly prohibits the use, possession, sale, or distribution of alcoholic beverages on campus by any campus constituency. Exceptions to the policy of no alcohol on campus may from time to time be permitted at the discretion of the president.

  • Decorations



    All decorations and materials must follow Environmental Health and Safety regulations. University Events does not supply decorations to clients. If any damage occurs to surfaces and/or excessive cleaning is required, the client may be billed.

  • Cancellations



    There are many different reasons to cancel an event. All cancellations must be 48 business hours in advance.

  • Venue Use

    Venue Use


    Every event must align with the mission, policies and procedures of Kennesaw State University. Any event that violates these will result in a loss of privileges.