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University Events is responsible for scheduling campus space for a variety of campus activities sponsored by academic departments, faculty and staff, and the Office of the President. Classrooms, conference rooms, atriums and outdoor space can be reserved through the University Events Reservation Website.

The Office of University Events (UE) assigns space according to the most appropriate use of the venue as the event is described on the request form. The demands on the venue as well as the nature and the size of the event will be considered in determining space assignments.

Who Can Reserve Campus Space through the University Events Reservation Website?

Faculty and Staff from the Kennesaw State University community can log into University Events Reservation System with their NetID and password. Individuals can request available space by using the Reservations menu and entering the scheduling information.

Individuals who are not employees of Kennesaw State University cannot reserve space through the University Events Reservation Website, but can obtain information on availability and fees and fill out a Community Request Form.

Facility charges may be assessed depending on the venue as well as costs to cover various support groups (Public Safety, Custodial, AVTS, etc).

Campus Event Planning Committee

Faculty and staff as well as non-KSU individuals may be required to meet with the Campus Event Planning Committee (CEPC) depending on the size and scope of the event. CEPC is a campus committee that consists of members from the various service departments such as Public Safety, Parking & Transportation, Grounds/Landscaping, Student Life, Legal and others. CEPC provides information and advice to help with event coordination and to ensure a well-planned and well-organized event. All organizations that are planning campus-wide events are encouraged to meet with the Campus Event Planning Committee. Please send an email inquiry to for more information on the Campus Event Planning Committee.

When assigning space, University Events and the Campus Events Planning Committee take into consideration the following elements:

  • Availability of the facility or space.
  • Maximum capacity of the facility or space.
  • Best use of facilities and their suitability for various activities and functions.
  • Compatibility of the request in relation to the mission of the university, local and federal policies, laws and regulations.
  • An event will not be approved if it conflicts with the academic mission.

Once you have read and understand all the terms and agreements when making a reservation you may visit the following link to make a request, information on how to fill out the appropriate forms are on this website.

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