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LeoDelle & Lex Jolley Lodge

LeoDelle & Lex Jolley Lodge

LeoDelle & Lex Jolley Lodge

The LeoDelle and Lex Jolley Lodge opened in 1993 as a special place on Kennesaw State University's campus. The Lodge is used as an entertainment and meeting space for events attended by the President, Trustees, and Cabinet members.

This approximately 6,000 square foot event facility features a catering kitchen and provides two levels of comfortable, attractive, and well-equipped space for receptions, dinners, meetings, and other official campus gatherings.

As the campus has grown over the years, so has the use of the Jolley Lodge. However, in order to properly preserve and maintain this facility, it has become necessary to restrict its usage.

What you need to know:

  • The Jolley Lodge is restricted to events sponsored and attended by the President, Trustees, and/or Cabinet members.
  • You must contact KSU Catering for your culinary needs.
  • A request for alcohol must be made by sending a formal request to the Office of the President. After you receive approval, please forward a copy to
  • For any audio visual needs, you must contact Audio Visual Technical Service.