Q: Where is the KSU Writing Center and what are your hours?

A: The KSU Writing Center is located in English 242.  During spring and fall semesters, our hours are Monday-Thursday 9-8, Friday 9-2, and Sunday 1-5.

Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: Appointments are scheduled through our online scheduling system.  Select the "Schedule Appointment" tab on our website.

Q: What kind of help will I receive in the KSU Writing Center?

A: The KSU Writing Center's goal is to help you become a better writer. Writing assistants will work with you at any stage of the writing process from brainstorming to organizing a paper to developing your ideas to correcting recurring errors. Writing assistants will not edit papers, but we will help you learn valuable strategies for proofreading your own work.

Q: What should I do if no appointments are available?

A: The Writing Center is a busy place, and you may find that no appointments are available.  You are always welcome to come to the Center and wait in the Computer Lab or our reception area for a walk-in appointment. We can't promise a short wait, but we will help you as soon as we can!

Q: What should I bring to the KSU Writing Center?

A: Bring a printed copy of your paper (if you've started on it) and your assignment sheet or guidelines. If you have a previous draft or paper on which your instructor has commented, bring that as well.

Q: How long does a session last?

A: Appointments are scheduled for one hour. If the Center is not busy, the session can last longer. If you are working on a very long paper or project, you may set up an extended session or series of sessions. Please email writingcenter@kennesaw.edu with these requests.

Q: Will my professor know that I came to the KSU Writing Center?

A: At the beginning of the session, your writing assistant will record your name and course information. When the session is completed – and with your permission – the assistant will send an email to your professor with a brief summary of the conference.

Q: What happens in a typical session?

A: Each session is different, but most begin with questions from the writing assistant about the assignment, due date, and your concerns. Often the writing assistant will ask you to read your essay aloud; this practice helps you and the writing assistant identify areas in your writing that need improvement. Writing assistants usually begin with global concerns (organization, thesis development) and leave problems with punctuation and grammar until the end of the session.  If the paper has many areas for improvement, the writing assistant will encourage you to return for more sessions.

Q: Will the KSU Writing Center help me with a take-home exam?

A: That depends on your instructor's policy. If your instructor has indicated on the exam directions that help from the KSU Writing Center is permissible, then we certainly are able to help you. Remember that your instructor will receive notification that you visited the Center with that assignment.

Q: Will the KSU Writing Center help with group projects?

A: KSU Writing Center assistants are happy to work on group writing endeavors. Because it is our mission to work with writers on their own work, however, we do require that all group members be present for the session. Writers are welcome to consult with a writing assistant on individual sections of a paper, but most groups find the greatest improvement in the project when the entire project and the entire group are involved.

Q: What if I am working on a paper or project much too long for a single session?

A: If you are working on a very long paper or project, you may set up an extended session or series of sessions. Please email writingcenter@kennesaw.edu with these requests.