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Ghana: A Model for Democratic Governance, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development?

International Conference & Business Forum
Hosted by Kennesaw State University
March 22-23, 2013


Submission of Abstracts

This conference will examine Ghana’s social, political and economic transformation and the implications for its future. Presentations from all disciplinary fields are encouraged. The below list of suggested topics is by no means exhaustive and is meant to spur innovative ideas.

1.      The Challenges and Promise of Ethnic Diversity to National Development
2.       The Role of Women in Enhancing Ghana’s Economic Growth and Social Well-Being
3.       Coexistence of Traditional and Modern Institutions: Bane or Boon to Ghana’s Progress?
4.       Ghana’s Role in Regional and Continental Institutions
5.       Private versus Public Sector as Instruments of Economic Development
6.       The Role of the Press in Political and Economic Transparency
7.       The Status of Land Tenure and its Impact on Growth and Development
8.       Social Justice as a facet of Socioeconomic Transformation
9.       Resource Management and Sustainable Development
10.     Education and Youth Empowerment: the Cultivation of Leaders for Sustainable Development
11.     Structure and Role of the Informal Sector in Ghana’s Socioeconomic and Political Life
12.     The Role of Ghana’s Diasporas in Socioeconomic Transformation

Interested participants are requested to send an abstract of less than 300 words describing the focus of their papers or panel, the central argument, and the methodology employed. If proposing a panel, please submit the title and abstract for each paper along with the names and institutional affiliation of panelists. Whether a paper or a panel, all proposals must have personal information such as name, institutional affiliation, position or title, contact phone numbers, and/or e-mail address.  Abstracts should be submitted as an e-mail attachment saved in Word or RTF format. In the subject line, please type “Year of Ghana Conference.” Send abstracts and personal information to the following address:

Ms. Vivian Bonilla, Year of Ghana Conference Coordinator
Institute for Global Initiatives, Kennesaw State University
E-mail: vbonill1@kennesaw.edu

Select Papers will be eligible for Publication in KSU’s Special Issue of the "Journal of Global Initiatives" focused on Ghana. http://www.kennesaw.edu/globalinstitute/journal.html

Deadline for Submission of Proposals and Abstracts: December 5, 2012