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한국의 해
YEAR OF KOREA 2009-2010

FALL SEMESTER 2009 (Lectures will be held in Nursing 109 unless otherwise noted.)
Please Note: Lectures held every Thursday from 3:30-5:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

8/20     From the Fire: Contemporary Korean Ceramic Exhibit, Opening Reception 5-8:30 pm, Thurs., August 20. The Art Gallery at Sturgis Library. Exhibit dates: August 20-October 8.

9/3       Fifty Wonders of Korean Culture and Art, Sarah and Shelly Tyson, Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project

9/10     "Is Korean Art Korean? -- Form, Function, and Identity,” Jonathan W. Best, Professor of Art History, Wesleyan University

9/24     "Korean Ceramics of the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392)," Robert D. Mowry, Alan J. Dworsky Curator of Chinese Art at Harvard University's Sackler Museum

10/1     “Students talk about Korea,” Panel of study abroad, Korean & Korean-American students

10/8     “Historical Overview of Political Journalism in Korea,” 김신동 Shin Dong Kim, Professor of Communication, Hallym University, Korea

10/9     “Hangul Day, Brown Bag Presentation on the unique Korean alphabet,” by Eric Kendrick, Georgia Perimeter College, 12:30pm, IGI Conference Room WH 226

10/14 – Year of Korea Day 12:30-2:00pm – featuring Gayageum (short performance), Dae Han (Tae Kwon Do demonstration), KSU Tellers (Korean Folktales), Taepyungmu Dance, and Food-tasting. Gazebo (With Partial Support from:  Korean Foundation (KF),  Korea International Trade Association (KITA), Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and The Arts Coucil of Korea.

Gayageum Concert (full performance) featuring the Korean Association of Zither Musicians, 8:00 pm, Bailey Performance Hall

10/15   “Korean Traditional Music” (lecture), Heesun Kim, Ethnomusicologist, Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Education, Kookmin University, Korea

10/22   “Rediscovering Traditional Korean Culture through Film,” Hyangsoon Yi, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, University of Georgia

10/29   “From Talchum to Starcraft: Korean Performance Today,” Margaret Baldwin, Lecturer, Jim Davis, Assistant Professor, Min Kim, Assistant Professor of Dance, Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, KSU
11/5     “Hideyoshi's Invasion of Korea in 1592: Its Background, Significance, and Impact on later Korean-Japanese Relations,” Gari Ledyard, King Sejong Professor Emeritus of Korean Studies, Columbia University

11/12   “Buddhism in Korea,” Tom Pynn, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, KSU