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Fall Semester:

ARH 3200: Art of the Ancient Americas – T/R 2:00-3:15 pm
Instructor: Jessica Stephenson, Ph.D.

FL 4490: Works of Mario Vargas Llosa -T/R 5:00-6:15 PM—SO 3021
Instructor: Ernesto Pierre Silva, Ph.D.

HIST 4490: History of Peru - T/R 12:30-2:00pm - SO 1019,
Instructor: Dan Paracka, Ph.D.


Spring Semester:

ENGL 4490/FL 4490: Introduction to Peruvian Literature
Instructor: Oswaldo Gavidia

TPS 4490: Latin-American Drama
Instructor: Oswaldo Gavidia

SPAN 4434: Peruvian Literature (taught in Spanish)
Instructor: Lynn Fedeli, Ph.D.

ARH 3250: Latin-American Art
Instructor: Roberta Griffin