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Welcome to the Kennesaw State University College of the Arts (KSU COTA), a vibrant collaboration of the School of Art and Design, Department of Dance, Bailey School of Music, and Department of Theatre and Performance Studies.

Our highly accomplished faculty and professional staff prepare students for success in a complex global society through transformational artistry and scholarly engagement. Our state-of-the-art studios, theaters, galleries, and instructional spaces provide students with world-class venues in which to learn, grow, and discover. Our students excel as artists by conducting research alongside faculty, studying abroad, engaging in community-based practices, and benefitting from rich partnerships with professional arts organizations. For these reasons and more, our graduates flourish as artists, scholars, entrepreneurs and engaged citizens.

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“KSU Dance offered me the best training opportunities that fit my aspirations as a dancer. I feel as if I have grown and thrived throughout my studies in KSU's Department of Dance.” -- Sydnee Patten / Dance Major

Sydnee Patten, KSU dance student


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