Welcome to the School of Art and Design 2022-2023 Season!

Please join us in 2022-2023 for our free exhibitions and events. Comprised of over 1,200 vibrant, creative, and talented art students, the School of Art and Design at Kennesaw State University is led by faculty members and professional staff devoted to the development of professional art educators, art historians, studio and design artists and animators.

A unit of the School of Art and Design, the KSU Zuckerman Museum of Art serves as a vital cultural and academic resource for students, faculty and members of the community. The Museum’s Fine Arts Satellite Gallery in the Wilson Building features faculty, student and regional art educator exhibitions.

Please also join us this summer for our current exhibitions at the Zuckerman Museum and Fine Arts Gallery.

Note: Based on guidance from the University System of Georgia (USG), all vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are encouraged to wear a face covering while inside campus facilities. Unvaccinated individuals are also strongly encouraged to continue to socially distance while inside campus facilities, when possible.  Learn more


Art & Design Season

Our 2022-23 season proudly reflects our ongoing commitment to student discovery, diverse perspectives, innovative scholarship, and artistic excellence. A dynamic collaboration among the School of Art and Design, Department of Dance, Bailey School of Music, and Department of Theatre and Performance Studies, KSU's College of the Arts is a community of artists and scholars dedicated to expanding the boundaries of knowledge, possibility, and imagination. 

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Current Exhibitions

cartoon of two animals

Spring 2022 Animation Exhibition

ANIM4600 Senior Animation Reel Class, Prof. Chris Malone: 

Featuring senior students: Theocita Allen, Lydia Alverson, Fatoumata Barry, Jonathan Braun, Jerry Cao, Dasia Chatman, Sheridan Clark, Drew Gray, Adam Johnson, Kevin Kun, Marquez Maxwell, Amir Rhodes, Tedra Rogers, Given Sharp, Dondre Smith, Christopher Solano, Elizabeth Tillery, Dustin Toolan, Ngoc-Uyen Tran, Anna Valdez, Benjamin Versola

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image of a computer graphic student campaign

Graphic Communications Capstone, Spring 2022

Art4980 Senior Portfolio, Spring 2022,Professor Kristine Hwang Kim:

Featuring Senior Students: Jessica Albert,Tyree Baptiste, Josh Branton, Binal Desai, Curran Harrison, Brooke Hopkins, Kayla Mack, Maggie McCulloch, Haley Michels, Arielle Nasr, Ashlynn Russell, Aaron Simpson, Julia Trahan, Edward Valdez

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image of shopping bag  graphic by created by student

Senior Portfolio Exhibition, Fall 2021

A virtual exhibition featuring the Art4980 Senior Portfolio, Fall 2021, Professor Kristine Hwang Kim:

Featuring senior students: Sueda Akaybicen, Lizzie Butler, Marina Cavanaugh, Asha Ford and Abbie Lawrence

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image of cartoon character designed by student

Senior Animation Reel Capstone Exhibition, Spring 2021

A virtual exhibition featuring capstone animation reels in Professor Sandee Chamberlain's ANIM4660 class:

Featuring senior students: Chase Ashford, Kayla Bowden, Miles Carter, Khadijah Coleman, Christopher Jourdan, Randall Kooistra, Emily Lafebre, Jade Le, Gabrielle Talbot, Sierra Turpin, Asia Walden

image modern art

Capstone Exhibition - Studio, Spring 2021

Senior Portfolio (ART4990), Professor Robert Sherer:

Featuring Senior Students: Kaitlyn Blade, Gloria Chan, Alexandria Hankins, Sarah Jaston, Sierra Kazin, Deona Lizette, Marc Mills, Mary Beck Pinkston, Jimmy Roberts, Tiffany Sanchez, Michael Windley,

Featured artwork by Jimmy Roberts, "Creation," 20 x 25 in. oil pastel on toned paper, 2020 (cropped). 

animated couple sitting on couch

Senior Animation Reel Capstone Exhibition, Fall 2020

A virtual exhibition featuring capstone animation reels in Professor Sandee Chamberlain's ANIM4660 class:

Featuring senior students: Sarah Amandolia, Grant Carter, Robert Davison, Jasmine Etienne, Kayla George, Mitchel Guzman, Stephanie Heubel, Michael Kartawinata, Diana Kreminski, Cyprus Meraz, Catherine Pawlowski, Will Stordy, Michael Thomas, Kenneth Todd

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drawing of vans skateboard, tennis shoes

Capstone Exhibition: Graphic Communications

A virtual exhibition featuring capstone projects in Professor Kristine Kim's ART4400 and ART4980 classes from senior students:

Featuring senior students: Jordan Crowl, Valeria Diaz, Shane Lobsinger, Michael Valenti

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3d image of print

Capstone Exhibition: Art Education

A virtual exhibition for Art Education, with professor Dr. April Munson:

Featuring senior students: Autumn Baxley, Tori Lane, Erin Light

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image of art by Livie Wang

Fall 2020 Capstone, Studio Art

A virtual exhibition featuring Bachelor of Fine Arts senior students from Professor Robert Sherer's ART 4990 class:

Featuring senior students: Michelle Beadles, Jane Erwin, Tracy Okai, Adrianne Sawyer, Livie Wang

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