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KSU last wednesday lunch

Last Wednesday Lunch

The Last Wednesday Lunch program is on hiatus for fall semester. Please check back in spring 2024 for future dates.

      • July 26, 2023SOAAD Alumni Biennial 2023 Juror, Sofia Green    
        The SOAAD Alumni Biennial  has become a recurring opportunity to bring the KSU community’s awareness to the myriad directions and creative paths of its graduates from the School of Art and Design. The juror of this year’s exhibition, Sofia Green, will discuss the works selected and share insight into her process of creating an exhibition from the submitted entries. 
      • June 28, 2023 Page Burch discusses the exhibition Placemaking: Forging Stronger Ties through Collaboration
        Meet in the Fine Arts Gallery in the Wilson Building to hear Master Craftsman Program Director and KSU Lecturer of Art, Page Burch, discuss the works exhibited in the latest exhibition to showcase art made in the Master Craftsman Program. Come listen to stories of the creative endeavors that result from collaborative community partnerships.
      • May 31, 2023 Walking Tour of KSU Sculpture on the Grounds with Elizabeth ThomasJoin ZMA Educator Elizabeth Thomas for a walking tour of the sculptures on KSU’s Kennesaw Campus. We will meet at the ZMA and stroll for half an hour past a number of the beautiful sculptures on campus, discussing their history, materials of construction, and the artists who created them.
      • April 26, 2023 Poem Printing
        Come to the ZMA for some hands-on fun experiencing the thrill of letterpress printing! You will be able to see the plates get inked, try your hand at “pulling” a print, and leave with a frameable piece of art depicting a poem by the master of powerful verse, Emily Dickinson.
      • March 29, 2023 Writing on the Body
        After observing the art of spring exhibiting artist, Lesley Dill, receive a primer on the straight stitch and satin stitch, an embroidery technique that enables you to make your own bold thread paintings. Leave with materials to put needle and thread together to create an artwork expressing your indelible qualities.
      • January 25, 2023
        Director of the School of Art and Design, Geo Sipp will provide an onsite curatorial tour of the spring exhibition, Under Pressure: Prints from the Collection of the Zuckerman Museum of Art in our Clayton Gallery.
      • October 26, 2022
        What Can a Renoir Teach a Doctor?, with Brooke DiGiovanni Evans, Director of Visual Arts Education at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Lecturer, Boston University. The application of visual arts to healthcare education and clinician professional development has been gaining momentum over the last several years but is still relatively new work. Explore the activities and outcomes that engaging with the visual arts can provide clinicians in all stages of their careers. From communication skills to empathy, the visual arts build opportunities to hone important skills that benefit healthcare providers and their patients.
      • September 28, 2022
        Contrapunto Project, with Carlos A. Solis, Visual Artist and Founder, Contrapunto Contemporary Latin American Art Group. The Latin American artists group Contrapunto joined together in 2008 to make the presence of Latin American artists stronger and more recognizable. Come hear the founder talk about these diverse artists and their history of jointly exhibiting their work.
      • August 31, 2022
        Art Education: Looking Ahead, with Laura LaQuaglia, Supervisor, Learning Design and Visual Arts for Cobb County Schools, and Betsy Eppes, Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator, K-12 for Fulton County Schools. Join these leaders in K-12 art education for a discussion of current obstacles faced in art education and the solutions needed for viable K-12 arts programs.
      • July 27,  2022: Making the Invisible Visible
        In association with the exhibition, Invisible to Visible: Art Educator Biennial 2022, visual artist and Assistant Professor of Art at Georgia State University Perimeter College, Al Parker-Shockley will discuss their artistic practice and the process of jurying the exhibition.
      • June 29, 2022: Art on Campus: A Tour of Outdoor Sculpture at KSU’s Kennesaw Campus Elizabeth Thomas, Education and Outreach Coordinator at the Zuckerman Museum of Art, shared backstories and information about some of the sculptural works permanently installed on the grounds of Kennesaw State University’s Kennesaw Campus.
        • Recording coming soon

      • May 25, 2022: Jeff Campana, KSU School of Art and Design (SOAAD) Associate Professor of Art in Ceramics, shared a presentation on the new technologies now available to students in SOAAD for creating three-dimensional work.
      • April 27, 2022: Cynthia Nourse Thompson, ZMA Director of Curatorial Affairs, will discuss the exhibitions In Conversation: The Fluid and The Concrete and Leonardo Drew: Cycles, from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation and their connection to the process of hand papermaking.

      • March 30, 2022: In association with the exhibition, In Conversation: The Fluid and The Concrete, visual artist Kyle Holland discussed the field of contemporary book arts as it relates to the disciplines of letterpress printing and hand papermaking. He will present his own works and works by other artists that activate handmade paper as a substance and substrate by creating physical connections to place or by recycling objects that have memories, stories, and experiences associated with them into paper.
      • February 23, 2022: Kayte Terry, ZMA East Project Wall East exhibiting artist shared a presentation on her work.
      • January 26, 2022: JoyEllen Williams, Special Collections Curator for KSU Museums, Archives, and Rare Books, shared a presentation on the materials in the Cherokee collection, how it came to be, and goals for its expansion.
      • November 17, 2021: Dr. Reid Masters, Minister of Music at First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale and Co-founder & Assistant Director, Kinnara Ensemble, shared his presentation, “Hugo Distler's Totentanz: Pioneering the Immersive, Multimedia Experience.”
      • October 27, 2021: Alissa Tertichny, a Clinical Case Manager and Counselor with Kennesaw State University's Counseling and Psychological Services, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Certified Art4Healing® Facilitator presented “Art as a Therapeutic Tool in the Work of Counseling.”
      • September 29, 2021: Printmaking Professor Valerie Dibble and Dr. Carol Pulin, Director of The American Print Alliance discussed the creation of The American Print Alliance
        September 11, 2001, Memorial Portfolio, which was on view 9/10 – 10/2 in the Fine Arts Gallery. 
      • August 25, 2021: Cynthia Nourse Thompson, Director of Curatorial Affairs at the museum, discussed the exhibition This Mortal Coil and related research conducted at Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library in Winterthur, Delaware.
      • July 28, 2021: Hannah Amuka, Juror of the SOAAD Alumni Biennial 2021 Exhibition shared insight into the selection and curatorial process of the Fine Arts Gallery summer show.
      • June 30, 2021: Artist Jess Jones presented a lecture about her work Weeping Quit at the ZMA and additional ongoing projects.  
      • May 26, 2021: Page Burch, Lecturer of Sculpture and Coordinator of the Master Craftsman Program shared insight into the program's public art projects and the Fine Arts Gallery retrospective exhibition, Master Craftsman: Classroom to Community.
      • April 28, 2021: The spring 2021 program featured faculty artists represented in the Spring 2021 School of Art and Design Faculty Exhibition. Each month several faculty members shared their perspectives on their creative  practice. The April 28th event presented prerecorded presentations by Page Burch, Kristine Kim, Chris Malone, and Don Robson.
      • March 31, 2021: The spring 2021 program featured faculty artists represented in the Spring 2021 School of Art and Design Faculty Exhibition. Each month several faculty members shared their perspectives on their creative  practice. The March 31st event presented prerecorded presentations by Jeff Campana, Sandee Chamberlain, Deborah Hutchinson, and Robert Sherer.
      • February 24, 2021: The spring 2021 program featured faculty artists represented in the Spring 2021 School of Art and Design Faculty Exhibition. Each month several faculty members shared their perspectives on their creative  practice. The February 24th event presented prerecorded presentations by  Craig Brasco, Donna Colebeck, Valerie Dibble, and Keith Smith.
      • January 27, 2021: The spring 2021 program featured faculty artists represented in the Spring 2021 School of Art and Design Faculty Exhibition. Each month several faculty members shared their perspectives on their creative practice. The January 27th event presented prerecorded presentations by Jonathan FisherMatt Haffner, Joseph Karg, and Joe Remillard.
      • November 18, 2020: Members of CIFAL Atlanta and their Distinguished Student Ambassador team spoke about the creation of the exhibition Art as Activism: Social Justice and Sustainability which was on view in the Fine Arts Gallery from November 11th to November 20th, 2020.

      • October 28, 2020: it's your world for the moment artist, Erin Jane Nelson presented a virtual lecture.

      • September 30, 2020: A Peculiar Proximity to Spiritual Mysteries artist, Keith Smith shared insight into his work and artistic practice.


Art4Healing® Workshop

Location: Ruth Zuckerman Pavilion 

Art4Healing® workshops are 2-hour experiences that teach you how to express your feelings with color using the Art4Healing® method developed by Art & Creativity, Inc. An Art4Healing® workshop allows participants to get in touch with inner feelings that many times words cannot express. Our certified facilitator will lead participants through a series of prompts as they respond by painting abstractly with acrylic colors on canvas. The method helps participants express their feelings in a safe way by associating a color with a feeling. Each participant takes home 3 completed paintings at the end of the workshop. And, NO, you do not need any art experience to participate!

Make sure you arrive a few minutes early and wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty; we will supply aprons and all supplies.

This workshop is offered in partnership with KSU Counseling and Psychological Services.



    • Monday, September 25 12:30-2:30
    • Friday, October 20 5:00-7:00     
    • Monday, November 13 12:30-2:30
KSU art4healing workshop


Mindful Drumming

Select Fridays

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Mindful Drumming is an experiential workshop based on the healing power of meditative drumming and mindfulness practices. Both traditions have been used by cultures around the world to help people better attune to themselves and others. Attend this hour-long workshop to learn and experience how drumming and mindfulness can help you relax, feel more alive, and even reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Instruments will be provided, and no musical experience is required.

This workshop will be led by Greg Stevens, a Licensed Psychologist and the Associate Director of Clinical Services at the Kennesaw State University Counseling and Psychological Services. Before training as a psychologist, Greg performed as a musician for over a decade. During his doctoral training, he had the unique opportunity to learn about meditative drumming and develop an ongoing therapy group with a colleague that incorporated this with mindfulness. He has since continued leading Mindful Drumming therapy groups and workshops for the past seven years.



    • September 29, 2-3 pm
    • November 10, 2-3 pm.
KSU students seated