Yuri Feito

Yuri Feito, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Office: Prillaman Hall 4018

Phone: 470-578-7764

E-mail: yfeito@kennesaw.edu




Academic Degrees




Kinesiology and Sport Studies

University of Tennessee




Public Health

Nova Southeastern




Clinical Exercise Physiology

Barry University


  B.S. Exercise Science Barry University 2000


Professional Experience




Assistant Professor, Department of Exercise Science and Sport Management, Kennesaw State University



Assistant Professor, Department of Sport and Exercise Science, Barry University


Recent Professional Activities



Tyo BM, Bassett DR Jr, Coe DP, Feito Y, Thompson DL. Effect of BMI on pedometers in early adolescents under free-living conditions. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2013 Mar;45(3):569-73.


Feito, Y and Musto, T.  Using pedometers to promote physical activity among clinical populations.  Journal of Clin Exer Physio.  2012; 1(1): 15-20.


Feito, Y, Bassett, DR, Thompson, DL.  Evaluation of activity monitors in controlled and free-living environments.  Med Sci Sport Exerc.  2012; 44(4): 733-741.


Feito, Y, Tyo, BM, Bassett, DR, Thompson, DL.  Effect of BMI and Speed on Step Count OutputJ Phys Act Health.  2012; 9(4): 594-600.


Feito Y, Bassett DR, Tyo B, Thompson DL.Effects of body mass index and tilt angle on output of two wearable activity monitors. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2011 May;43(5):861-6.


Tyo BM, Fitzhugh EC, Bassett DR Jr, John D, Feito Y, Thompson DL.Effects of body mass index and step rate on pedometer error in a free-living environment. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2011 Feb;43(2):350-6.


Mier CM, Feito Y. Metabolic cost of stride rate, resistance, and combined use of arms and legs on the elliptical trainer. Res Q Exerc Sport. 2006 Dec;77(4):507-13.


Professional Interests



Physical activity and exercise, Chronic disease prevention, Exercise asssessment and prescription


Teaching Responsibilities



HPS 4350 Fitness Evaluation and Exercise Prescription
EHS 6655 Epidemiology
EHS 7720 Cardiovascular and Clinical Physiology