Federal & State Partnerships

Welcome to the core of Federal & State Partnerships at Kennesaw State, where the Office of Government Relations serves as the essential liaison between our institution and federal policymakers, cultivating pivotal partnerships with our congressional delegation. Beyond federal engagement, we play a central role at the Georgia State Capitol, fervently advocating for KSU's interests and securing state resources for university growth. Working in tandem with the University System of Georgia, we collaborate with key stakeholders to secure funding for projects, while vigilantly monitoring legislative sessions to address any matters impacting KSU.

Our commitment extends to forging strategic partnerships with state agencies, leveraging KSU's resources for regional and statewide initiatives.

Federal Partnerships and Policy

The university’s chief liaison to federal policymakers

The Office of Government Relations serves as the university’s chief liaison to federal policymakers and national education and research policy organizations. These partnerships, particularly those established with our congressional delegation, are proven essential as we work to advance KSU priorities and initiatives on the federal level. We are also responsible for monitoring federal legislative policies and proposals that may concern our university, our partners or affiliates, or higher education nationwide. Through streamlined communication with campus and federal leaders, we review such policies and proposals to determine any potential impact to KSU.

State Partnerships and Policy

KSU's homecoming game with 2 players and 2 KSU Staff members walking on the field

The Office of Government Relations represents Kennesaw State University at the Georgia State Capitol. Through purposeful engagement with Georgia’s elected officials and agency leaders, we advocate for KSU interests to procure state resources and contribute to the university’s overall growth and advancement. With nearly 95% of first-year students coming from 136 Georgia counties, we connect with elected officials from all areas of the state to highlight KSU’s impact on their local communities. In coordination with the University System of Georgia, we work with the Office of the Governor, members of the Georgia General Assembly, and other elected officials to secure funding for small capital and major projects. In addition, throughout the legislative session, we monitor policy and fiscal proposals that may directly or indirectly affect KSU students, faculty, staff, or research interests. 

When applicable, we may also pursue partnerships between the university and state agencies for projects set to benefit regional communities or all of Georgia. This includes utilizing the university’s many experts, capabilities, and resources to support state initiatives. We may also recommend KSU experts and students to testify before state legislative committees or participate in state study committees.