Office of Faculty Affairs

As part of the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Office of Faculty Affairs is directed by the Assistant Vice President for Faculty Affairs. This office is primarily responsible for managing policies and procedures related to faculty, overseeing faculty searches and hiring, handling faculty leaves, and coordinating faculty evaluations and reviews related to tenure, promotion and post-tenure review. This office is also responsible for providing training for faculty, administrators, and department chairs, and helping coordinate faculty development activities among several different units. Faculty records are maintained in the Office of Faculty Affairs in order to ensure compliance with various regulatory agencies.


Dean and Chair Resources

Dean and Department Chair resources provide valuable support and guidance to academic leaders in universities. Deans often have access to comprehensive resources that assist them in strategic planning, budget management, and personnel development within their respective schools or colleges. These resources can include data analysis tools, professional development workshops, and networking opportunities, empowering deans and department chairs to make informed decisions and foster a positive academic environment.

Handbook for New Department Chairs and School Directors Campus Systems and Access

Perspectives on Global Issues Workshop

A new faculty professional development initiative has been created. It is entitled “Perspectives on Global Issues Workshop.” One teaching faculty from each degree-granting college will be selected to participate in an active-learning, globally-focused, inter-cultural, academic-practitioner workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to expand faculty understanding of, and engagement in, broad topical policy debates and discussions occurring in the world today, thereby providing them with an additional foundation for bringing these themes back to the campuses of KSU and extending the engagement to our students and surrounding communities.

FINAL 2022 EAO FPD Program Agenda Faculty Reports

Faculty Resource Guide

This set of guides contains information on professional development opportunities, teaching strategies, research resources, administrative procedures, and campus services. 

Faculty Resource Guide