Unaccompanied Children in the Library

A parent or adult caregiver must accompany children and monitor their activities and behavior while they are in the Library. Library staff cannot attend to unaccompanied or unsupervised children, nor be responsible for their safety. When a child is disruptive to other patrons, the adult guardian will be asked to take the child out of the library. If the adult responsible for the child's welfare is not present, a staff member will contact the Department of Public Safety to report the situation. The child may be removed from the library by the proper authorities. Even under the supervision of an adult, children are not allowed to use library computers at any time.

We also request that all children follow the noise policy of the library. Specific floors of the library are designated quiet floors and we request that you do not bring children to these floors.

Contact our Access Services Department for further assistance:

  • Sturgis Library at Kennesaw Campus: 470-578-6202
  • Johnson Library at Marietta Campus: 470-578-7276