I. Mission Statement 

The Kennesaw State University Library Website is intended to provide an up to date and constantly evolving portal of information for the Library staff and patrons of the Library System.  This includes providing access to library resources and information regarding library events, services, and polices for patrons.  The Library Website provides access to the Library System’s electronic resources and services, including but not limited to: resource discovery, electronic resource access, interlibrary loan services, virtual chat and other virtual services.

II. Feature and Functionality Overview 

The KSU Library System website serves several functions.  It serves as an access point for users to utilize Library System electronic discovery and research resources.  It also serves as a means for Library System faculty and staff to communicate to a wide audience regarding library matters, including events, features, operating hours, and other items relevant to the service of library patrons.  Additionally, the website serves as a portal for the Library System’s virtual services, such as reference chat and research guides.  

III. Use of Cookies 

This website makes uses of cookies in order to better serve our patrons.  If you do not wish to use cookies, then please disable them in your browser.