Doctoral - Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (PhD)

This PhD in Business Administration was designed around a unique intensive (weekend) program designed so you can attend without quitting your current job; work on a research project during your academic program; and select a concentration that allows you to focus on the specific area of business that interests you most:

·      Accounting

·      Information Systems

·      Management

·      Marketing

As one of the first non-traditional research-focused intensive doctoral programs in the country, the PhD Program in Business Administration offered from the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University will provide you the skills and credentials necessary for tenured teaching and research positions in academe or industry.  The program is AACSB accredited.

PhD in Business Administration Salary and Career Information

Assistant professors at major universities earn an average of $90,000 annually according to  Full tenure business professors at major U.S. colleges and universities earn a median salary of $120,800 annually.  However while these are median numbers, salaries can vary widely depending upon the university size, length of employment, additional responsibilities and other factors.

According to MBA Crystal Ball Admissions consultants, “Many business professors with doctorates take up consulting positions with industries, participate in international teaching assignments, publish articles and books, and speak at conferences. Salary is, therefore, hardly their only source of income. Indeed, for at least a few professors, the fee from non-teaching assignments surpasses their salary.”

Doctoral program alumni hold tenured/tenure-track, clinical and leadership positions at AACSB-accredited universities across the United States. Our alumni also have an established record of publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals.  

Ph.D. in Business Administration Degree Benefits

  • Mid-range Price – For a degree that can help you literally double your earning potential, the PhD from Kennesaw State Coles College of Business is in the middle price range ($95,500) for programs of its kind. 

  • Conduct Research While Earning Your Degree -  The research doctorate is a unique opportunity to pursue an applied research project and at the same time earn a doctoral degree.

  • Convenience – You don’t have to quit your current job to earn a degree from this program.