About Delta Phi Lambda

Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. is an Everlasting Sisterhood of Dedicated Female Leaders® founded on December 5, 1998 at the University of Georgia by seven founding mothers. As Dedicated Female Leaders®, we are trailblazers who extend beyond stereotypes and strive for positive impact on the community through service, activism, and leadership for next-generation women. Together, we advocate for Asian awareness, empower women leaders through our values-based programs, raise osteoporosis awareness through our partnership with American Bone Health, and forge Everlasting Sisterhood ® through our diverse shared experiences. 

Delta Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. is an asian-interest but not asian exclusive greek organization that empowers women to become Dedicated Female Leaders ®, advocates for asian-awareness, forges an everlasting sisterhood and strives to make a positive impact in the community. 

  • Colors: Navy Blue and Silver
  • National Founding Date: December 5, 1998
  • National Philanthropy: Osteoporosis Awareness
  • National Website: www.deltaphilambda.org
  • Chapter Email: vp.expansion@deltaphilambda.org
  • Mission: "Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. advocates Asian awareness, empowers women leaders through its values-based programs, and forges Everlasting Sisterhood through diverse shared experiences."