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There are many options available to fund your study abroad experience. Below, you will find information on Financial Aid, scholarships, and other fundraising ideas. For more specific information on the scholarships, please follow the links.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is far more available for study abroad than students commonly imagine. The Financial Aid office at KSU has been gracious enough to create this special handbook just for Education Abroad.

KSU Global Learning Scholarship

Kennesaw State University understands that, for many students, meeting education abroad program costs can be a challenge. KSU’s Global Learning Scholarship, under the auspices of the Office of the Vice President for Student Success , supported through the Global Learning Fee was established to help address this need.

Application Process and Eligibility 

All degree-seeking KSU students in good academic standing who have paid the global learning fee and are enrolled in KSU education abroad experiences will be eligible for the scholarship as long as they have applied for the education abroad program by the published deadlines. Late applications will not be accepted. 

Students also have the option to elect not to be considered for an award. Application does not guarantee an award. Non-KSU students and transient students are ineligible.

  • There is no application process as long as students apply to the educational abroad program by the published deadline.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in and working toward completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree at Kennesaw State University. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for undergraduate students. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for graduate students. Please be aware that a higher GPA may be required for participation in specific education abroad programs.
  • Service Requirement: All scholarship recipients are required to offer 5 hours of volunteer service related to promoting education abroad and global learning for each term that they are awarded a scholarship. The faculty director will guide you in this process. The Service Requirement must be completed by the following term immediately after returning from abroad. If a student is unable to perform this requirement, repayment of the scholarship is required.
  • Awards are determined based on the length of the program and service learning aspects. Award amounts range depending on the above criteria from $500 to $2,000. The average award for a short-term faculty led program is $500.

Click Here for Global Learning Scholarship Policies and Procedures

Outside Scholarships

LIVFund Scholarship
Two $500 Scholarships for programs in Latin America.
Short-and Long-Term programs eligible.
Award recipients required to blog while abroad.

Study Abroad Scholarship Databases

Gilman Scholarship
  • Up to $4,000
  • For study abroad programs 4 weeks + or in more than one country
  • Must be U.S. citizen undergraduate 
  • Must be a Pell Grant recipient
  • Additional $3,000 available to those studying a Critical Need Language
Multimedia resources available for applicants
Selection criteria advice

The campus representative for the Gilman Scholarship is Michele Miller. Please contact her at for more information. Boren Scholarship
  • Covers the cost of your study abroad program (including tuition & fees)
  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Preference is given to students going abroad for 1 year, but semester and summer programs are eligible (minimum of 8 weeks abroad)
  • Ideal candidate is studying an underrepresented language and culture while studying abroad
  • Within 3 years of graduation the recipients must work for one year in the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, State, or Intelligence Community
Please contact the Education Abroad Office at for Boren Scholarship approval and counseling.

Marshall Scholarships
  • Covers the cost of the study abroad program (including tuition and fees)
  • 2 year program in England for students seeking a Master’s degree
  • Minimum 3.7 GPA
Please contact the Education Abroad Office at forMarshall Scholarship approval and counseling.

Go Overseas Scholarships

  • Up to $1,000
  • For any study abroad program including scholarships for teaching and volunteering abroad

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Study Abroad Grants

  • $1,000
  • For any study abroad program
  • Must have a 3.5 GPA+
  • Available to both undergraduate and graduate students

Diversity Abroad Scholarship

  • $750
  • Eligible students are economically disadvantaged, 1st generation undergraduates, or from a minority population

Golden Key Scholarship

  • $1,000
  • Undergraduate award based on academic merit and relevance of study abroad to field of study

Rotary International

  • Grants range from $12,000-$26,000
  • Requirements vary based on type of scholarship
  • Minimum of 3 months studying abroad

LEXIA International Scholarships 

  • E-mail: 
  • $1,500
  • Based on need and academic standing

ISEP Scholarships

  • For students going on an ISEP program

Fund for Education Abroad Scholarships

  • General and dedicated scholarships up to $10,000
  • Must be US citizen or permanent resident
  • Minimum 4 week program duration
  • Work to support education abroad on campus
  • Preference given to programs that include language and/or sustainable service-learning components
  • Preference given to non-traditional destination

Region Specific Scholarships

Study in Australia
Database of scholarships for students studying abroad in Australia

Freeman-ASIA Scholarship

  • Must be an undergraduate studying in East or Southeast Asia
  • Based on a demonstrated financial need

Language Specific Scholarships

Department of Education Scholarship for Programs in China

  • Awards vary from $500-$8,000
  • Based on merit, financial need, and previous language experience

Bridging Scholarships for Study in Japan 

  • $2,500 (semester program) and $4,000 (year program)
  • Must be U.S. citizen or permanent resident studying in Japan
  • Any field of study is eligible and Japanese language is not a prerequisite

Scholarships for Graduate Studies

NSEP Graduate International Fellowships

  • Awards range from $12,000-$30,000
  • Minimum of one semester abroad

Fulbright Scholarships

  • Grants available for teaching, research, and graduate studies
  • Available to both U.S. citizens and incoming foreign students

Click Here to view the Call for Proposals for Global Learning through Undergraduate Scholarship (GLUS) Funding Awards

Other Ideas

Funding Ideas

Local Organizations
Look for local heritage groups or language associations related to the country you are visiting or to your own personal heritage. You can also approach local businesses or foundations that you and your family have patronized or been part of and ask them to make a donation to your studies. You’ll be surprised who will donate, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Going on a non-KSU Program
If you are going on a program through another provider (for example: CIS, ProWorld, or ISA) be sure to check their website for additional scholarship opportunities!


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