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Security awareness and crime prevention programs on personal safety are sponsored by various departments at KSU throughout the year. Security awareness programs are designed to inform students and employees about campus security procedures and practices and to encourage students and employees to be responsible for their own security and the security of others. Approximately 31 classes were held at KSU in 2012. University Police facilitate programs for students, faculty, staff, orientations, organizations and residential housing. Residence Life and other offices under the Dean for Student Success offer programs for students specifically. Crime Prevention and Security Awareness Programs available include:

Crime Prevention Lecture

Power Point presentation covering basic crime prevention, personal safety as well as office safety.

SAFE: Self-defense Awareness & Familiarization

Self Defense Awareness and Familiarization Exchange(SAFE) is a two hour program offered for female students, faculty and staff at KSU. The program is based upon the following ideas: violent crimes are crimes of opportunity, and when you remove the element of opportunity, you reduce the risk of attack. 90% of self-defense is mental preparedness; the other 10% is physical. S.A.F.E. provides participants with great crime prevention information and resources as well as a pre-basic familiarization with physical defense training methods.


RAD classes including Basic RAD, Advanced RAD, RAD for men and RAD for seniors.

Rape Aggression Defense

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) is a comprehensive course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training. Certified RAD instructors teach all RAD classes.

Advance RAD

Advanced Rape Aggression Defense is a twenty hour course, which is administered in five different, five hour blocks of instructions. Advanced RAD builds on the basic philosophy and defense techniques taught in RAD Basic Physical Defense for Women. Advanced RAD consists of hand combinations, upper body counter techniques, lower body counter techniques, ground defense positions and counter techniques, tackle avoidance techniques, and counter defense techniques against multiple adversaries.

RAD for Men

Resisting Aggression with Defense for Men is a new program being offered this year, to address the many requests from our male population for basic self-defense options. RAD For Men (RFM's) goal is to provide responsible information and tactical options of self-defense for men who find themselves in confrontational situations. For a male self-defense program to be an empowering experience it must contain a few key elements. These are: to educate men about their roles and responsibilities in reducing violence, to instill an understanding of reliance on others, to understand the responsibility and importance of making different decisions, and to obtain self-realization of the power of controlling one's emotions.

RAD for Seniors

Kennesaw State University Police is offering a non-strenuous physical self-defense class for seniors. RFS (RAD For Seniors) is the latest member of the R.A.D. family and is a program designed for men and women age 60 or older. Seniors are often more concerned about violent crimes, however they are statistically more likely to be victims of property crimes. This program is designed to address both areas of concern. RSF provides seniors with prevention skills to avoid and prevent property crimes as well as physical defense options. RFS is offered in 10 separate sessions. Each session contains classroom material as well as an offering of options of physical defense. The program begins with a philosophical introduction to R.A.D. Systems, course objective, and discussion of topics such as general Risk Reduction, Prescription Medication Issues, Financial Crimes (scams, frauds, identity theft), and sexual assault to name a few.

The KSU Department of Public Safety, the Office of the Dean for Student Success and Residential Life offer an average of two educational programs per semester. Programs are announced through e-mail and listed on the KSU Police website: and on KSU DPS Facebook page To schedule an officer to speak to your class or group e-mail the request to:

Crime Prevention Tips

Although the Kennesaw State campus is relatively crime free, it is still vulnerable to criminal activity due to its proximity to two major interstate highways. The most likely crime sites are the library, athletic facilities, parking lots classroom buildings and student center. Here are some safety measures that could help prevent your becoming a crime victim:

When You Are Driving

  • Drive with doors locked and windows rolled up.

  • When you park, lock car doors and trunk and take your key.

  • Store valuables out of sight in a locked trunk or glove compartment.

  • Park in well-lit areas.

  • If possible, don't drive alone. There is safety in numbers.

  • Don't pick up hitchhikers.

  • Check inside and underneath the car before getting in.

  • If you see blue lights on the car behind you, do not pull over until you are in a well-lit, populated area. The police officer will understand your concerns.

  • If your car breaks down and someone stops to assist you, it is better to ask the person to call the police for you than to accept a ride.

    If You Are Walking

  • Do not walk alone.

  • Use pubic, well-lit walkways. Avoid dark, isolated areas.

  • Dress for freedom of movement. A woman carrying a purse should keep it tucked closely under her arm.

  • Look alert and hold your keys in your hand when you are walking to your car.

  • Carry only necessary cash and credit cards.

  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry in public.

    If You Are Being Followed

  • Cross the street.

  • Change direction.

  • Keep looking back, so the person realizes you are aware of his/her presence.

  • Go to a well-lit, populated area.

  • Notice as many physical details as possible, so you can describe the person to the police.

  • Report the incident to the police.

    If You Are Alone in an Office or Classroom

  • Keep the door locked.

  • Always ask who is knocking before opening the door.

  • Never prop open locked exterior building doors.

    In KSU Residential Areas

  • Always keep doors locked to your apartment and bedroom door.

  • Never lend your apartment key to anyone.

  • Never hold the exterior doors open for someone.

    Preventing Theft on Campus

  • Keep cash, checks, credit cards and books with you at all times. Never leave them unattended.

  • Write your name and student ID number, in pen, inside your books.

  • Keep your car locked at all times to prevent theft of stereos, CD players,GPS and iPods.

  • Store computers, lab equipment and audiovisual equipment, when not in use, in a locked office or classroom.

    Keeping the Campus Safe

  • Report suspicious or criminal activity to the KSU police.

  • Use locks on lockers and bicycles.

  • Attend crime prevention programs.

  • Take responsibility to protect yourself and your fellow students.


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