Advancing the Technological Development of Brain-Computer Interfaces

Imagine operating your smartphone or mobile device using only brainwaves. At the Coles College of Business’s BrainLab, it’s possible.

Part science lab and part technology incubator, at the BrainLab we work to align computer technology with the human neurological system. Through our research we create meaningful applications for brain-computer interfaces by studying how users respond to and control brain-based devices.

Since our founding, one of our primary points of focus remains developing tools to help patients who are living locked inside their bodies, such as those individuals with cerebral palsy or ALS, to communicate or control their environment. We have also conducted other significant projects which have included helping patients effectively communicate their healthcare needs, improving productivity in the workplace, enhancing video-game play, and understanding consumer behavior.

You can learn more about our work from the BrainLab’s executive director, Dr. Adriane B. Randolph.

You can also listen to a Kennesaw State University student talk about his experience working with BrainLab.