Current BrainLab Projects and Goals

In addition to our focus on projects related to locked-in syndrome, the BrainLab also conducts many other studies related to neural processing, brain-computer interfaces, neuromarketing, and more.

Brand Placement and Neural Responses
Explorations in neuromarketing on the placement of brands in different media and its impact on consumer behavior.

Consumer Behavior on Taste Versus Price
Examining consumers’ familiarity with and price of a brand when making purchasing decisions.

Individual Characteristics and Brain-Computer Interface Control
Examining the technology fit between individuals and nontraditional assistive technologies based on demographic, physiological, and cognitive traits.

Levels of Engagement in Brainstorming
Validating observational brainstorming measures with neural recordings as applied to the audit fraud brainstorming process.

Mental Training and Motor Skill Enhancement
Exploring improvements in human motor skills due to training with a mu-based brain-computer interface.

Neural Impressions of Professional Selling
Predicting a sale or no sale based on impressions from the first few minutes of a sales pitch as well as how neural feedback syncs up with self-reports.

Violence in Video Games
Investigating the impacts of perceived violence in video games using neural feedback.

"My experience in the Brain Lab can be best summed by a quote from Confucius, ‘I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.’ It was not until I had the privilege to work with Dr. Randolph; to interact with an incredible combined undergraduate and graduate research team, and get to know the amazing individual with Cerebral Palsy in our field work, did I start to understand the significance of our research and its very real impact. After all, for one to have knowledge that has never been applied is like a book that has never been read.”

- Lisa Sapp, KSU Undergraduate and BrainLab Project Manager