Wellness and Health Support at KSU

University life can present many challenges. Good mental health and well-being are the foundation for your success in college. Being proactive, advocating for what you need, and taking steps to build your personal resiliency is easier than ever. Wellbeing@KSU is here to help you accomplish your goals in a host of different ways. 

24/7 Mental Health Support

YOU MATTER at KSU, and your well-being is a priority to us. College is exciting, but it can cause students to experience stress and feel overwhelmed. Through counseling, health education, addiction and recovery support, fitness and recreation activities, and access to basic needs, Wellbeing@KSU is here to help you do well and be well.   

For everything you need to find your support, Wellbeing@KSU is here to support you with flexible options and tools to help lift you mentally and emotionally. Speak with an experienced clinician, get a referral for one-to-one counseling, access to free counseling sessions, and even schedule an appointment with a local or video counselor. 

To get started, call 470-578-6600 and select Option 2 to be connected to a licensed master’s level mental health clinician, available 24/7/365.

All services offered through Wellbeing@KSU are confidential. No information will be shared without your consent. 

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Wellbeing@KSU Coalition

The Wellbeing@KSU Coalition is a group of current students, faculty, and staff who work together to provide health and wellbeing educational programs and support for students and the campus community.

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