Mission Statement

The purpose of the Student Government Association is to: REPRESENT the students of Kennesaw State University; SERVE as a liaison between students and members of the University community within the shared governance structure; actively strive to ENHANCE student success; FOSTER an environment of campus engagement; and ADVOCATE on behalf of the students’ welfare in accordance with KSU statutes, student codes of conduct, and the policies of the Board of Regents.
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Meet the Student Government Association

President Zae A. Brewer

Email: zbrewer4@students.kennesaw.edu

Hailing from Snellville, Georgia, Zae found his wings at Kennesaw State University in the fall of 2021 and is now a senior at KSU majoring in political science. As a sophomore, SGA President Amani Johnson appointed him to serve as an Associate Justice of SGA’s Supreme Court, becoming one of the first seven Justices and the youngest in KSU history. As a junior, he left the Supreme Court and restarted the American Red Cross chapter at KSU and simultaneously led the KSU Democrats while being involved as a member of SABAC, an NAACP officer, and a Sentinel writer. In the spring of 2023, he was elected along with Anthony Harrison to serve as President and Vice President of SGA, becoming the first KSU Supreme Court Justice to ever serve as SGA President. As President, he looks to improve SGA’s image and to boost its effectiveness for the betterment of all students.

Instagram - @zaebrewer

Zae Brewer.
Anothony Harrison

Vice President Anthony Harrison

Email: aharr392@students.kennesaw.edu

Anthony Harrison is pursuing a BA in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. He is originally from Brooklyn, New York. Harrison is a field athlete on the Track and Field team and serves as an officer on the SAAC Committee. He previously served as the Senator for Student Athletics for SGA. Anthony enjoys spending time with friends and traveling to new places outside of work and school. He aims to foster a strong network between SGA and the university to expand opportunities and resources for students at KSU!

Instagram- @yourtypicalant


    • Devon Gamble: Treasurer
    • Yakinni Martin: Attorney General
    • Kamia Veal: Chief of Staff
    • Emily Chauvin: Director of Student Life
    • Miracle Elonu: Director of Academic Affairs
    • Nyla Nelson: Director of Publich Relations
    • Kyle Hillhouse: Director of IT
    • Ashley Tumminello: Director of Sustainability
    • Dr. Amber Lesicko

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch of the Kennesaw State University Student Government Association, is hereby established with the purpose to better uphold the integrity and stability of our institutions. Thereby, The Judicial Branch, entitled as The Supreme Court, strives to coexist with the Legislative and Executive branches of the Student Government Association so as to hold the entirety of this organization to a higher standard. It is expected, by passing down judicial precedent, to erase errors made in our history and to ensure the equity of our posterity. The Supreme Court, having been entrusted with the power and responsibility of original jurisdiction concerning questions of constitutionality, appeals of membership infractions, and appeals of election violations, sets forth to ensure a fair and just due-process for all members of the Kennesaw State University Student Government Association.

    • Kamissha Miles
    • Madison Blackmon
    • Caroline Cole
    • Ashleigh Rucker
    • Beyonce McGhee
    • Christian Andrews
    • Jamari Gilbert
    • Lauryn Ward


    • Abby McGehee
    • Elizabeth Ellis 
    • John Longshore
    • Angelina Nino
    • Avery Fields
    • Dennis Bradish
    • Jaala Stokes
    • Lydia Pruett
    • Caroline Varner
    • Ethan Fraser 
    • Amil'R Preyer
    • Taejah Goode
    • Iain Howington
    • Hiba Rana
    • Katelynn Wimberly 
    • Jeremy Austin
    • Kanoni Davis
    • Allisa George
    • Salini Ambadapudi
    • Moe Winograd
    • Karrington Garrett
    • James Balbuena
    • Sophie Bishop
    • Kailey Phillips
    • Ma'kala Jones
    • Ron Patterson 
    • Alasia Franklin
    • Tyler Hinds
    • Maya Muammar
    • Zoe Fenton
    • America Lopez Amador
    • Yvonne Thuo 
    • Morgan Thomas
    • Cameron Johnson 
    • Esther Ayodele
    • Jaize Fields
    • Jerrick White
    • Lee Ann Higgins
    • Jessica Okafor
    • Alicia Olguin-Macedo
    • Drew Gaither
    • Chelsea Lumpkin
    • Taleesha Devine-Guy
    • Luis Pablo Soto Cruz 

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