Accelerate Your Progress Toward a Master's Degree by Combining Your Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

Double Owl Pathways affords undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain their undergraduate and graduate degrees faster and at a significantly lower cost than if they pursued each degree independently. By bundling both degrees into Pathways, highly motivated and committed students will graduate sooner than their peers and with a head start on their careers. KSU has a variety of Pathways to choose from with more being added.

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Double Owl Pathways

A Double Owl Pathway allows students to accelerate their progress toward a master's degree by taking graduate-level coursework during the final year of their undergraduate studies. Students save time and money by earning a master's degree in one year instead of two and enter the workforce with a more advanced complement of knowledge and skills.

Double Owl Benefits

Save Time - Through this accelerated model, you can take up to 9 credit hours of graduate-level courses as an undergraduate student. Those 9 credit hours will simultaneously satisfy both your undergraduate and graduate program requirements. Certain Pathways will allow you to finish both degrees in as little as 5 years.

Save Money - Double Owl Pathways provide students the best value for their education by giving them the chance to satisfy graduate-level courses at the undergraduate tuition rate.

Earn Opportunities - A Double Owl Pathway will not only position you ahead of your peers academically but also will allow you to combine undergraduate and graduate degrees in specific fields to enhance job opportunities. 

Fast-Track Your Career - Enter the workforce sooner than your peers giving you the upper hand on professional advancement and a higher earning potential.

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How Does it Work?

All current undergraduate students are eligible to apply for a Double Owl Pathway. Each program has a program advisor who can provide you with more information.

Students apply to the graduate program separate from the Double Owl Pathway application, Each Double Owl Pathway has its own requirements for graduate admission. Your Double Owl Pathway advisor will guide you through this process.

You can take up to 9 hours of graduate-level courses as an undergraduate student that count toward both your undergraduate and graduate degree program requirements. Requirements vary among Double Owl Pathways. Please contact the Double Owl Pathway advisor of your desired program for more information.

Double Owl students will graduate with their bachelor's degree, upon completion of that degree, prior to finishing their graduate degree.