You are now a KSU Double Owl Student. Here's what happens next.

Meet With Your Advisor

You should meet with your advisor to review the graduate courses you are allowed to take and which undergraduate courses they will replace. You should also talk about which semester those courses will be offered and when you should take them. You can click on your Double Owl Pathway from the list found here, then open Double Counted Courses to see what courses are available as a Double Owl student.

Registering For Graduate Courses

Beginning with Summer 2022 and Fall 2022 registration (3/11/22) Double Owl students should be able to register for the approved Double Counted courses themselves. If there are any pre-requisites for the course, you will need to contact the department offering the course to get an override.

Petition to Graduate

Don't forget to petition to graduate for your bachelors program. Instructions and deadlines can be found here:

Apply To Your KSU Graduate Program

As a Double Owl student, you still need to apply and be accepted for your graduate program. You should apply to start the graduate program the semester after you graduate from your bachelors program. For example, if you are going to graduate with your bachelors degree at the end of Spring semester,  you should apply for the graduate program to start in Summer or Fall, depending on what semester the graduate program accepts new students. 

You can see the list of graduate programs and click on your program by visiting Each program has a page with their deadline dates and list of items that need to be submitted with the application.