Find Your Community

Community matters at Kennesaw State University. Student Affairs provide educational and social programs and resources that focus on campus and community engagement and help all students find their place at KSU.


FLIGHT is a class-year identity program that provides innovative and transformative experiences to meet the social, personal, and academic needs of students and help them build a sense of belonging with their peers and the campus community throughout their collegiate experience.

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KSU students wearing a flight 26 jersey.

KSU students at the cultural awareness resource center collaborating.

Cultural Awareness Resource Center (CARC)

The Cultural Awareness and Resource Center (CARC) combines academic, cultural, leadership, and social initiatives that support the development and success of all students at KSU. 

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Global Village

The Global Village (GV) provides programs and services for all students, increasing awareness of international connections and fostering global learning.

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KSU students at the global village center.

KSU military veterans.

Military & Veteran Services

Kennesaw State's Military and Veteran Services operates as a comprehensive, easily accessible resource hub for service members, veterans, and dependents to achieve their academic goals. 

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LGBTQ Resource Center

The LGBTQ Resource Center welcomes all students and offers a wide range of educational and social programs and resources. 

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KSU students at the LGBTQ center.

KSU students walking at the Marietta campus.

Unity Center

The Unity Center, located in the Wilson Student Center on the Marietta campus, offers meaningful programs and involvement opportunities to help students grow, learn, and connect with each other.

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 Women's Resource Center

The Women's Resource Center provides educational programs and workshops to support students’ understanding and awareness of issues that affect women and their communities.

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KSU students at the women's resource center.

KSU students at the african american male initiative collaborating.

African American Male Initiative

The KSU African American Male Initiative (AAMI) was designed by the University System of Georgia initiative to provide an integrated program model of academic, leadership, and life skills to increase the number of participants who complete their post-secondary education.

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