Coles College of Business Centers

The most compelling frontiers in the business industry require committed teams to explore, develop, and communicate discoveries. Coles College of Business dedicates resources to six focused centers where discoveries become actionable, improving businesses and focusing future endeavors.

These focused centers and institutes also provide avenues for businesses and the community to engage with and to benefit from Coles College of Business. Whether you are starting a business, raising the professionalism of your sales force, exploring technical innovations, or seeking other ways to achieve more, we invite you to connect with the center most closely connected to your goals.

Bagwell Center for the Study of Markets and Economic Opportunity

The Bagwell Center for the Study of Markets and Economic Opportunity provides a platform for an interdisciplinary study of the importance of markets and economic institutions in regards to resource allocation, entrepreneurial activity, economic prosperity, and improved human welfare. Check out the various ways you can engage with the Bagwell Center through research, student programs, upcoming events, and more.

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Center for Cybersecurity Education

Welcome to the forefront of cybersecurity education at Kennesaw State, where the new Center for Cybersecurity Education stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Rooted in the university's esteemed cybersecurity program, our Cyber Center empowers students with the vital skills and expertise needed to excel in today's dynamic digital landscape. At the Cyber Center, we're dedicated to equipping the next generation of cybersecurity leaders with the tools, knowledge, and hands-on experience necessary to navigate and conquer the evolving challenges of cyberspace.

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Center for Professional Selling

The Center for Professional Selling at Coles College is proud to support and enhance the practice of sales and sales management. Our facilities offer spaces and tools to help you improve in practice, or in the practice of your management opportunities. Get training assistance for effective communication, customer relations, closing a deal and strategic planning. 

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Education Economics Center (EEC)

The Education Economics Center housed in Coles College provides nonpartisan research and analysis for the evaluation and design of state and national education policies. We assist you in learning more about education taxes, expenditures, policies and outcomes. Learn more about current research opportunities and projects happening at the EEC. 

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Family Enterprise Center (FEC)

The Family Enterprise Center (FEC) is a practical hub for the family enterprise field, sharing common experiences when navigating the business spaces where family relationships and professional demands coexist. Get involved with the research and programs that support learning new skills, developing various work flow capacities and building sustainable relationships. 

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Internal Audit Center (IAC)

The IAC in the Coles College of Business helps to educate you on how to conduct scholarly activities and engage within the internal audit profession. Get to know the pivotal services we offer including undergraduate and graduate advising, Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP) certification and connecting your education to your profession. 

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Robin and Doug Shore Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

Our program provides students with experiences and training designed to develop their entrepreneurial perspective. We help to inspire the entrepreneurial culture in all individuals and businesses, develop your entrepreneurial skills, enable your idea creation and collaboration, and support the start up companies create an impact on innovation activities. Check out our student groups, upcoming networking events, connection and volunteer opportunities and more!

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Small Business Development Center

Small Business Development Center

The UGA Small Business Department Center (SBDC) at Kennesaw State University is here to help local small businesses. The UGA SBDC at Kennesaw State University's Coles College of Business offers entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses in Cobb and Cherokee County the tools and information they need to thrive. This provides individuals and starups a resource center for small business development.

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