About the Center for Accountable Leaders

The Center for Accountable Leaders (TCAL) records the life experiences of men and women who have lived lives of integrity while contributing to the success of their organizations and communities. We are creating a digital video archive of the life-memoirs of proven leaders from all walks of life, available online for all to enjoy and learn.

We present these leaders in their own words and in a simple, straight-forward style. We transcribe the videos and retain their original (unedited) form in our databases. Visit the Interview Library for more information on recommended and permitted uses of these invaluable life stories.

Since its inception in 2008, the Center for Accountable Leaders has been honoring lives of integrity. We started as an independent not-for-profit organization and joined Kennesaw State University as a center of excellence in the Coles College of Business in 2010.

A Distinct, Authoritative Archive

he Center for Accountable Leaders is the only oral history archive devoted to business leaders who have moved from an active role in business to a second, often philanthropic career.

Our vision is to become recognized worldwide as the authoritative archive of successful, ethical leader video biographies. Our motivation is to provide current and future generations with first-hand examples of experiences that ultimately led to success in business, government, community, family, and self.