American Studies Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in American Studies covers the history and cultural interaction of the United States and the Americas, focusing on the relationships between policy, labor dynamics and cultural expressions. You will engage in coursework to study the literature and culture of America in a global context, the societal patterns of the American economy and community and significant movements in American history. This graduate certificate includes 15 hours of graduate course work and can be taken along with another KSU graduate program, like a graduate minor, or it can be taken as a standalone certificate.

Additionally, you will complete assignments that provide an overview of important questions, methods and theoretical approaches in contemporary American Studies literary scholarship as well as an advanced introduction to important literary works.


KSU(name certificate) students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Required Courses: (15 credit hours) 

Any three of the following American Studies cluster courses depending on the individual student’s interests and career goals.

  • AMST 7000: American Studies Scholarship
  • AMST 7100: American Studies Methods
  • AMST 7200: American Social Movements
  • AMST 7230: Public History and Culture
  • AMST 7240: Enterprise & Labor in American Culture
  • AMST 7300: American Cities, Suburbs, and Countryside
  • AMST 7310: Regional Studies
  • AMST 7330: Identities and Social Groups
  • AMST 7410: Literature and Performance in American Culture
  • AMST 7420: American Popular Culture
  • AMST 7450: American Visual Culture
  • AMST 7460: Movements in American Culture
  • AMST 7510: Passages to America
  • AMST 7520: America in Transnational Context

Any approved graduate-level study abroad course.

Total Number of Credit Hours: 15


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