Educational Leadership, Tier I Certification Only

The Certificate Only option in Educational Leadership provides candidates with the content knowledge necessary meet GaPSC requirements for Tier I Educational Leadership certification. It is an eighteen (18) hour program. Admission to Tier I is open to any individual who meets the admission requirements of the Educator Preparation Provider (EPP).  

Admission to and completion of Tier I does not ensure employment in a leadership position. Under state law, completion of an approved Tier I program will not lead to additional pay until employed by a Local Unit of Administration (LUA) in a leadership position that requires Tier I certification. 

EPPs may limit admission based upon program capacity; in other words, admission may be limited if a provider caps enrollment based on various resources including the ability to place candidates with trained mentors. The program is highly professionally oriented, and candidates for the program are expected to currently be employed in an organization providing professional educational services (e.g., school, regional educational service agency, department of education). Field activities incorporate practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for today’s educational leader.  


KSU(name certificate) students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Required Courses: (18 Credit Hours)

  • EDL 7201: Leading Curriculum & Assessment
  • EDL 7315: Research and Data Analysis for School Leaders
  • EDL 7401: Instructional Leadership for Learning & Change
  • EDL 7415: Human Resources, Law, and Ethics for School Leaders
  • EDL 7601: School Operations and Organizational Management
  • EDL 7615: Communication and Community Relations, for School Leaders

Total Number of Credit Hours: 18


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