Personalized Learning Certificate

The personalized learning certificate is a nine-credit hour sequence that aims to provide learners with foundational understanding of what personalized learning is, and the competencies necessary to effectively personalize a classroom or course. Learners demonstrate ten competencies for the Personalized Learning Certificate, and plan how to personalize their own classrooms. The program competencies include Prioritized Executive Function, Learner Agency, Asset-based Dispositions, Growth and Mastery Mindset, Authentic and Adaptive Assessment, Flexible Education Resources, Individualized Path, Dynamic Communication, Expanded Collaboration, and Life-Long Professional Learning. 


KSU(name certificate) students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Required Courses: (9 Credit Hours)

  • ITEC 7600: Personalized Learning & Technology Rich Environments
  • ITEC 7602: Creating a Culture of Personalized Learning
  • ITEC 7603: Employing the Processes of Personalized Learning

Total Number of Credit Hours: 9


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