Software Engineering Certificate

The Software Engineering Graduate Certificate focuses on building the foundations to design high-quality software as well as it leaves students the possibility of choosing part of their courses to make the certificate in line with their career goals. 

The Graduate Certificate in SWE assumes that students have a significant background in computing.  It will help them to expand their software engineering knowledge by building a set of skills that will prepare them for positions of more responsibility in the computing industry.


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Program Snapshot

Required Courses: (15 credit hours) 

  • SWE 6733: Emerging Software Engineering Processes
  • Select two of the following:

  • SWE 6613: Requirements Engineering
  • SWE 6633: Software Project Planning & Management
  • SWE 6653: Software Architecture
  • SWE 6673: Software Testing and Verification

Note: SWE 6613 is a prerequisite for SWE 6673

Choose two courses for a total of six credits. One course should be 6000-level SWE or from the list below. The second course can be any 6000/7000-level CS or SWE course.

  • CS 7125: Cloud Computing
  • CS 7385: Human Factors
  • CS 7455: Mobile App Development
  • CS 7535: Software and OS Security
  • CS 7827: Real Time Systems
  • CSE 7983: Graduate Internship

Total Number of Credit Hours: 15


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