Fines/Fees can be paid at Sturgis or Johnson Libraries with either cash or check. Overdue book fees are $.50 a day, with a maximum charge of $35 for each overdue item. All fees are calculated for each day an item is overdue.

Other Overdue Fees:

Reserves up to $3 per item, $.05 per minute

Interlibrary Loan $3 per item

Laptops $10

Headphones $10

GIL Books $3 per day 

 **Note – it is the responsibility of the patron to check their library account regularly to ensure that no overdue items are charged to their library account. 

Lost Book Charges

Patrons are responsible for any books checked-out to their library account, and will be fined for lost books. Books are automatically declared lost after 40 days past due. Lost book fees are $35 for the processing fee plus the cost of the book. If the patron returns the book after it goes into lost status a fine of $35 will be charged.

All patrons who do not return lost books will be expected to pay the replacement costs. Access Services staff will inform the patron of the cost of a lost book. The maximum charge of $35 for overdue fees, lost book processing fee of $35 and the replacement cost must be paid before the patron’s borrowing privileges will be reinstated.


When books have been damaged beyond repair or are reported to be lost or irretrievable, then patrons are expected to pay the replacement costs for the book. Due to the age and relevancy of certain items in the collection replacement copies are not accepted.

Contact our Access Services Department for further assistance:

  • Sturgis Library at Kennesaw Campus: 470-578-6202
  • Johnson Library at Marietta Campus: 470-578-7276