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  • Darral Tate

    Kennesaw State alumnus chases passion for architecture and design

    July 17, 2024

    Growing up, Darral Tate knew architecture was an important vocation but did not recognize the beauty in it until later in life. Encouraged by his mother to find his place as an artist, he found the perfect outlet in architecture. Since graduating from Kennesaw State University in 2019, Tate has continued to use his skills to launch a flourishing career in the built environment.

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  • Kennesaw State senior design team places third in international competition

    Kennesaw State senior design team places third in international competition

    July 12, 2024

    A Kennesaw State University engineering senior design team recently secured a third place finish at the Industrial and Systems Engineering Capstone Senior Design Project competition in Montr

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  • Mary Beck Pinkston

    Alumna sculptor creates captivating piece for Kennesaw State administration suite

    July 11, 2024

    A new owl has come to roost at Kennesaw State University. Its widely spread wings and extended talons grab the attention of visitors to the offices of President Kathy S. Schwaig and other top administrators. The sculpture by College of the Arts alumna Mary Beck Pinkston permanently joins paintings and other art pieces from the Zuckerman Museum of Art’s collection that decorate the space outside the president’s office.

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  • Emerson Smith

    Kennesaw State alum finding success at intersection of AI and animals

    July 08, 2024

    Emerson Smith knew he wanted to build his own company, he just didn’t always know what problem he could end up solving. After graduating from Kennesaw State University’s Coles College of Business in 2018, Smith tested a few business ideas before heading to Silicon Valley in California, working in software sales and development. It was there, while absorbing the in-demand technical knowledge that a lightbulb went off in his head, and HappyDoc – an AI assistant helping veterinarians drastically reduce the time it takes to complete their legally required record-keeping – was born.

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  • Chantelle Chapman

    Kennesaw State grad embraces the art of research

    June 14, 2024

    For Chantelle Chapman, research includes bright colors, gouache paints, and a studio—rather than test tubes, safety goggles, a lab coat, and a laboratory. From Chapman’s studio came an art project about an extinct bird, the Carolina parakeet, that was declared extinct in 1939. The series of gouache paintings, “Parakeet Lost,” built upon research that included visits to museum specimen collections, earned a runner-up prize at KSU’s Spring Symposium of Student Scholars, a rarity for a student in the College of the Arts.

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  • Miyanna Clements-Williamson

    Kennesaw State alum's inspiring, full-circle journey

    June 07, 2024

    Miyanna Clements-Williamson’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience and the importance of finding community. When she first stepped on Kennesaw State University’s campus, she was classified as a McKinney-Vento student, a designation given to high school students who have experienced homelessness.

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  • Jacqueline Hand

    New scholarship the culmination of Kennesaw State alumni family success

    May 30, 2024

    Tanasia Kenney has plenty of childhood memories at Kennesaw State University. Her mother, former KSU employee Jacqueline Hand, frequently brought her to campus, where she was known as “Jackie’s daughter,” and became familiar with staff and faculty. Now a reporter for McClatchy news publications, Kenney is just one member of a KSU alumni family.

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  • Harris Travis exhibit

    Kennesaw State honors former administrator Harris Travis with new exhibit

    May 03, 2024

    Excited gasps punctuated a Saturday afternoon in Kennesaw State University’s Engineering Technology Center as a crowd gathered around the unveiling of a new, permanent exhibit honoring the late Rev. Harris Travis. The unveiling took place during the second annual Hornets Homecoming, an event hosted by the Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) Alumni Society honoring those who graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University.

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  • Alumni Award

    Kennesaw State receives Insight Into Diversity 2024 Alumni Association Inclusive Excellence Award

    May 01, 2024

    Kennesaw State University’s Alumni Association received the 2024 Alumni Association Inclusive Excellence Award from Insight Into Diversity magazine, the largest and oldest diversity and inclusion publication in higher education. The Alumni Award honors alumni associations’ programs, culture, and initiatives that encourage and support diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging for all alumni.

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  • Lisa Reyes-Walsh

    Kennesaw State alumna returns to campus as nursing faculty member

    February 14, 2024

    While working as a substance use disorder counselor at Ridgeview Hospital, Lisa Reyes-Walsh’s supervisor told her, “You know, you’re a nurse through and through.” That reset the course for Reyes-Walsh’s life, though she never fully left counseling behind. She earned a bachelor’s in nursing from Kennesaw State University in 2011, and, now an assistant professor of nursing in KSU’s Wellstar School of Nursing, Reyes-Walsh has applied her knowledge of substance use disorder and ability as a counselor to educate nurses who can care for patients struggling with substance use issues.

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