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  • Tashin Kazi

    Freshman Kennesaw State student has unprecedented success in research

    March 15, 2024

    Most people know someone with a “go-getter” personality – that person who is energetic and determined to be successful. There might not be a person who better encompasses the idea of being a go-getter than Kennesaw State University student Tashin Kazi. While still a junior at Woodstock High School, he started emailing professors at Kennesaw State asking to join a research team. It was through that outreach that Kazi was connected to Maria Valero, an assistant professor of information technology in KSU’s College of Computing and Software Engineering (CCSE).

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  • Computing

    Kennesaw State University to offer Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

    February 13, 2024

    The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia today approved a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI) degree program at Kennesaw State University, beginning in the Fall 2024 semester.

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  • Desyne Martinez

    Dad's cancer diagnosis inspired Kennesaw State student's award-winning research

    January 30, 2024

    One of the most important lessons students who venture into data science are taught is that the data they analyze tell stories. At Kennesaw State University’s Fall Analytics Day, Desyne Martinez’s project told a powerful personal story through data. Martinez, a senior, presented his semester research project on stage 3 of multiple myeloma, a rare form of bone marrow cancer. It was exactly what his father, who Martinez idolizes, had been diagnosed with in 2020 and is still battling.

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  • Calculus grant

    Kennesaw State receives $2.5 million grant to foster student success in calculus

    January 02, 2024

    The brainchild of three Kennesaw State University professors will introduce concepts of calculus into high school math earlier to help students be more successful when they get to college. The National Science Foundation awarded Kennesaw State a $2.5 million interdisciplinary grant for a project being called “Calculus for All.” The thought behind it is relatively simple – if students are exposed to concepts of calculus in high school, they stand a better chance of passing calculus classes in college and can pursue STEM-related careers.

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  • Karen Gandy

    Rocket scientist counting down to final launch of her career

    November 21, 2023

    The notion that it’s never too late to start something new runs through Karen Gandy’s head now the same way it did in the 1990s. Gandy was then in her 30s, and despite trying several different jobs, she had yet to find a career that ignited her passion. She applied and was accepted to Southern Polytechnic State University, now Kennesaw State University. That choice launched Gandy’s career in rocket science and down a path in life that she is reflecting on as she prepares for her final satellite launch and then retirement.

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  • Jordan St. Louis

    Kennesaw State senior bridges safety gap for law enforcement with tech startup

    November 15, 2023

    Kennesaw State University engineering senior Jordan St. Louis is using high-tech imaging technology to improve the safety of law enforcement officers and the community. His company, Generalized Robotics, founded during his freshman year, has created a 360-degree police camera called Patrol Buddy Go and has found its first client in the Clayton County, Ga. Police Department.

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  • Governor

    Professors represent Kennesaw State at Governor's Teaching Fellows seminar

    September 25, 2023

    Two Kennesaw State University professors agree that good teachers know they can always learn something new about their craft, no matter how long they do it or how successful they’ve been at it. Professor of mathematics Ana-Maria Croicu and professor of software engineering Hassan Pournaghshband spent a week in May at the University of Georgia after being selected for the prestigious Governor’s Teaching Fellows Spring Symposium, a series of events dedicated to improving teaching skills in Georgia’s colleges and universities.

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  • Tarik Kindell

    After tragedy, a Kennesaw State mom turns pain into purpose

    September 21, 2023

    For a parent, there could never be a worse tragedy than losing a child. It’s an intense, deep pain that Diane Davis, the mother of late Kennesaw State University student Tarik Kindell, can never escape, but now Ms. Davis is turning her pain into purpose. With tears streaming down her face and her voice cracking, Ms. Davis paused and took a deep breath to gather her strength. She began to explain why creating an endowment for Kennesaw State in her son's honor was not only important to her, but also instrumental in the healing process.

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  • IVE lab

    Kennesaw State immersive experience lab presents future-focused research opportunities

    September 06, 2023

    Tucked away in an unassuming room on Kennesaw State University’s campus is a device that can help researchers study black holes, better understand microscopic organisms and even learn to fly.

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  • Kennesaw State student

    Kennesaw State student's baseball app among best at Apple coding challenge

    July 21, 2023

     The awe was evident in his voice as Kennesaw State University student Yemi Agesin described his meeting with Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook. “He likes baseball like I do,” Agesin said. “Plus, he was wearing shoes with Jackie Robinson’s No. 42 on them, and the Atlanta Braves are his favorite team. Isn’t that cool?”

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