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  • 3D Printing Farm Cultivates Collaboration Among KSU Art and Engineering Students

    Though they appear worlds apart, Jeff Campana said art and engineering students actually have a lot in common. Both are often tasked to showcase their creative problem-solving and often use similar tools in achieving their respective outcomes. To foster collaboration among the two disciplines, KSU’s Department of Engineering Technology and the School of Art and Design recently partnered to launch the 3D Printing Farm on the Kennesaw Campus.  –  October 06, 2020

  • KSU Office of Victim Services earns public safety award

    Kennesaw State University Police’s Office of Victim Services received a Public Safety Award of Merit from the Cobb Chamber of Commerce today.  –  October 05, 2020

  • Prospective transfer students invited to attend virtual information sessions

    Students interested in transferring to Kennesaw State University are invited to attend virtual information sessions hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions throughout the fall semester. The first virtual meeting is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 6. The meetings will be held on Zoom.  –  October 05, 2020

  • Professor blends engineering and healthcare through research

    Though likely not the first thing to come to mind when discussing the field of engineering, Kennesaw State University associate professor Philippe Sucosky said there is much to unlock by viewing the human body from an engineer’s perspective. The cardiovascular system, for instance, really isn’t all that different from the typical plumbing inside a house. “You have a bunch of arteries and tubes connected together forming a complete system, so when you study the cardiovascular tree, there really isn’t much of a difference from studying the flow in a mechanical network of pipes,” said Sucosky, who teaches mechanical engineering in the Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering. “The connection between engineering and healthcare is very literal in that sense.”  –  October 05, 2020

  • BlackRock prepares students to invest in the post-COVID world

    The rapid evolution of communications technology that has helped businesses stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic is also speeding up big changes in organizational structure that will outlive the virus, according to Shayan Hussain, managing director for investment firm BlackRock, the world’s largest assets manager. Hussain recently spoke to more than 100 Kennesaw State University students as part of the BlackRock Lecture series, a semester-long partnership between the company and the Michael J. Coles College of Business, the College of Computing and Software Engineering, and the College of Science and Mathematics.  –  October 02, 2020

  • KSU alumna returns to mentor data science students, provide career guidance

    A year after earning her master’s degree in applied statistics and analytics, Kelly Linz is back on campus, this time as an industry expert sharing her knowledge of data literacy with a new group of students. Linz, who works as an advanced analytics data scientist at Coke One North America (CONA), was hired shortly after completing a course in applied analytics offered by the Analytics and Data Science Institute.  –  October 02, 2020

  • KSU students gain valuable career skills while helping others

    Kennesaw State students like Caleb Gloster are finding ways to help others by serving the campus community while also gaining hands-on work experience. Recently, Gloster worked through the Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA) program with KSU’s Campus Awareness, Resource and Empowerment (CARE) Services, which helps KSU students in need by providing financial assistance, temporary housing, access to food and support services.  –  October 01, 2020

  • KSU School of Music students learn how to build home recording studios

    Musicians who still want to work in a COVID-19 world can benefit greatly from a home recording studio. However, trying to figure out how to get started, what equipment is required, and how to use it effectively is a job in itself. A quick Google search for “how to build a home recording studio” nets over 78 million results. Kennesaw State University (KSU) School of Music (SOM) professors in the jazz concentration have made it much easier for their students by offering unique masterclasses on how to create a professional home recording studio, keeping in mind that student budgets vary widely.  –  September 30, 2020

  • KSU researchers offer insight to education policy makers

    Kennesaw State University’s Office of Research is hosting a one-hour web show every other Friday at 4 p.m. to showcase the varied research being conducted by KSU faculty members. “Research with Relevance” spotlights Kennesaw State researchers in a live interview followed by an interactive question-and-answer session with the virtual audience. This week’s episode features assistant professor of economics Greg Phelan and limited term assistant professor of economics Heidi Holmes, who are researchers in the Education Economics Center in the Coles College of Business.  –  September 30, 2020

  • Written by Whitten | First-Generation Students Succeed at KSU

    Kennesaw State’s record-breaking enrollment this fall includes nearly one-third who identify as first-generation college students. In fact, among our newest class, that number is close to 40 percent.  –  September 29, 2020